Friday, June 10, 2011

we are still on fire...

we are still on fire... by angryparsnip
we are still on fire..., a photo by angryparsnip on Flickr.

Sabino Canyon, April 2011

It is a beautiful day in Tucson and we are quite a distance from the
fires but... because of high risk of fires the Coronado National
Forest that surounds Tucson is officially shut down.
Visitor centers, campgrounds, picnic areas, hiking trails and Summer
Cabins on forest lands are closed to visitors.
You can still drive up the road to the village of Summerhaven in the
Catalina Mountains but no stopping on any trailheads.
Sabino Canyon two minutes from my home is only open on the paved areas.
It is so dry in in Southern Arizona that even the smallest spark could
star a huge forest fire.

Arizona is still on fire and it is only getting worst with no end in
sight. Forest Service is saying at lest three more weeks before they
think they can get the Wallows fire under control.
Thank goodness the winds have calmed and the Super Tankers that have
been grounded can join the fight dropping huge amounts of water.

The massive Wallows Fire was as of yesterday only a mile from the New
Mexico state line and the towns in it path are on alert to evacuate.

Transformers in the Chiricahua Mountains, South East of Tucson near
the State Line with New Mexico, that supply power from the Palo Verde
nuclear power plant near Phoenix to New Mexico and Texas are
threatened from the Horseshoe 2 Fire that jumped the fire lines.
The flames are also threatening the fiber-optic lines needed for
cellphones and internet service.
Tucson Electric utility has alternate power sources in place in case
the fire does reach the transformers and if our power supply is
As of this morning all seem to be fine.

The Murphy Fire is burning south into very rough, rocky land into

When the Parks reopen depend on Mother Nature and we need a
significant amount of rain. One problem on the rain front is we have
a High Pressure that has plopped itself down above Arizona and is
pushing the the moisture that we so need away.

Come On Weather Gods and Mother Nature... give us a break !
I'll bake cookies. . .
or maybe Bee Bim Bop
how about some Dim Sum ?

waiting. . . parsnip
music. . . Safety Haven, David Birdie


  1. I think Mother Nature and the weather Gods will appreciate the cookies....

  2. i've been thinking about you and also, my in-laws in taos, nm! it's hot here, but we're not in the same sort of danger as the southwest. keeping my fingers crossed for rain but, just enough, not too much. the world is such a delicate place right now. *sigh* xoxoxoxo

  3. Whatever you do, don't fool Mother Nature with the wrong butter (I'm dating myself big time, I know.)

  4. William...
    I bake great cookies but my daughter is the baker in our family and hers are fabulous.
    Maybe I should have said my daughter will bake you cookies ?

    thanks for the good thoughts but no rain in our future till the High pressure front moves and bother someone else.

    I so remember that commercial. I loved the actress who played Mother Nature. She had the best voice !

  5. I turn on the news every evening to get the Arizona and Montana reports. However you and my mother are still the best sources for the inside scoop.

    Mother Nature is throwing a lot of temper tantrums this year, everywhere.