Wednesday, June 22, 2011

we are not in Japan today...

Wednesday I usually post about Japan but with all the fires in Southern
Arizona it seemed a good time to do another Arizona post.

Some good news...
Calm weather has helped the firefighters, who are doing heroic work
battling these fires.
The Horseshoe 2 Fire in the Chiricahua Mountains is 95 % contained
after burning nearly 223,000 acres.
The Wallows Fire, crews are making slow progress against a massive
fire burning Eastern Arizona and Western New Mexico. 56% containment
after burning 527,774 acres.
The Monument/Serra Vista Fire (near me) is at 45% containment, burned
27, 200 acres so far.

What has helped so far in the Monument Fire is the relatively calm
weather for the last two days. Firefighters are planning a series of
controlled burns during the next several evenings to remove fuel
between the fire and homes.
Assigned to this fire are 1,200 people, eight helicopters and four air

What I have said before all these fires are man-made not lighting
caused as happens during the Monsoon season.

My Fabulous Brother worked for the USFS, he is retired now. When he
first started he was stationed in Northern Arizona and he was a
Hotshot. These are crew that jump into a raging fire and try to work
at containment.
One fire he and his crew parachuted into crested and they were caught
in a fire storm. They carry fire blanket and they all covered up as
the fire
blew up over them. They all survived. You just never know what will
happen when your fighting a fire.
He went on to work in the law enforcement part of USFS and was Secret
Service trained. He is such and interesting brother, quite fabulous !

Another photo of a Prickly Pear Cactus pad getting ready to be
planted. This is one of my most favorite Prickly Pear, the soft cool
color helps visually on a hot summer day. I love the lavender figs I
placed on top.

waiting . . . parsnip
music. . . This Serene Earth, John Hackett

forgot to add... it will be 110 today in Tucson... hello pool !


  1. Hello:
    The fire statistics are very alarming. It is difficult to conceive of the acreage which has succumbed to the fires.

    Your brother does indeed sound a most interesting person and exceedingly brave to have been prepared to jump into the middle of a raging fire. I should have wanted a lot more than a fire blanket to do that.

    We sincerely hope that the fire situation will all be under control soon and that lives and property will be safe.

  2. Do you have a single non super-cool person in your family?

    Glad the fires are being brought under control. I'm assuming that people start them carelessly rather than intentionally; not that the end result is any different, but I'd much rather think that they arise out of lapses of concentration than badness.

    I like that colour of prickly pear too, and would rather like a pair of trousers in it.

  3. What striking composition of the cactus pad and figs in a beautiful palette. When it popped up on my blog list, I couldn't wait to hurry over and see it. Well done!

  4. Jane and Lance...
    Thank Goodness he only did that for a short time. The Law Enforcement side of the Forest Service was really dangerous too in other ways. He also was an arson investigator and had to go to court many times along with all the drug smuggler. He was the supervisor for the Four corners region.

    You have just made my day or year !
    Thank for the complement.
    My Brother is indeed a super person who lives his life well. My kids are rather special to me but I am the non cool person in my family. Way too many bad choices in my life that can never be rectify. But Thanks for thinking that, we all are just family.

    Yes, the fires are slowly getting under control.
    Fires are usually started by just plain dumb people who should know better.... but they have been started intentionally along the border.

    I love that color. I grew up with it so it feels like home to me, comfortable, soothing and beautiful.

  5. Leslie...
    Thanks You, I love that color combination too, a typical desert color pallet ! You live in a desert city too and know how lucky we are to be surrounded by such beauty everyday.

  6. Fire and water - two most terrifying forces when they get out of control. I'm so glad it is beginning to be contained.
    Love the photo and colour.

  7. Thank you for the update on the situation there. you and everyone out there are in my prayers.

    The photo is beautiful.

  8. Pat...
    Yes, I so agree Fire and Water not sure which one is worse.
    My favorite color combination.

    I have been thinking of you and Carole and all the rain that your area is overwhelmed with.

  9. I am lucky to live in the desert, but it is VERY different in the Mojave than the Sonoran. I prefer yours, actually. Here it is harsher, more extreme, maybe even more primordial - not refined. I have LOVED my time spent in Sun City West. I always feel like it is a different environment for me.

  10. I don't think I could stand a temperature of 110!

    Love that cactus.

  11. So glad for the update. The fires are horrendous, and to think of all those acres going up in smoke is so sad. Breaks my heart.

    Cool stuff, your bro.

  12. Leslie...
    I so agree with you, the Sonoran desert is so green and not so forbidding as the Mojave.

    Once it gets past 100 it is not a big deal.
    One lives like all the local animals do, get up early do as much as you can outside then retreat to the cool of the shade or home till late evening.
    I love and need my air conditioner.
    All the winter visitors leave and go back east or north and we local have a slow quiet summer. It is really quite nice.

    Every time I hear about a levee breaking apart of the storms that are brewing in the mid-west I think of you all.

  13. My bro was a hot shot firefighter here in Alaska for years. A whole different strategy with all the acreage they just let burn with sparse population centers.
    I too love the cactus vignette. just lovely!
    xoxo Kim

  14. Frightening fires. Very cool picture.

  15. The fires in AZ are astounding.

    Yes, the pool sounds like a good plan for the day...

  16. I really adore all these cactus photos you've been taking!