Wednesday, June 15, 2011

monsoon. . . where are you ?

Bunny cooling off in the hot afternoon...

My small citrus grove is a magnet for Bunnies, Quail and Javelinas who
like to dig in the damp soil after the trees are watered and settle
down to cool off durning the hottest part of the day.

Today 15 June is the official start of our monsoon season. . . .
Mother Nature is miffed or off somewhere for a spa day because it is
just not happening !

The monsoon pattern has a long way to go before it develops, it has to
do with dew points reaching 54 degrees or higher for three consecutive
days durning the hot summer days.
Not sure I understand all the science behind this but I know everyone
is watching the weather reports hoping that the stubborn high that is
hovering over Arizona will move on.
What I do know is the westerly hot dry winds are still blowing and
with no moisture or rain the fires are still burning.
Today it will be 105, later this week it will drop down to a chilly
102 or 103, break out the sweaters !

dry. . . parsnip
music. . . Burning In The Sun, Blue Merle


  1. Awww, what a cute bunny!

    I hope you get rain soon!

  2. If a person ever thinks he/she is in control of anything, they might just want to watch the weather. It is nice that you have a lovely place for the animals to cool down.

  3. a chilly 102??? We call in hot here at 75!

  4. Nice bunny parsnip. Hope you get rain soon. Never really experience the dry heat, but I find the humid hot weather the worst, especially itchy skin, outch..... wishing you rain again, Anna :) PS now I don't feel so much but with our heat, lol.

  5. We have bunnies as well. Hardy little buggers, aren't they?

    Greetings from Mpls,


  6. Our monsoon season doesn't come until July, but I always remind people there's nothing to trump 110 degrees better than to throw significant humidity on top of it! Yesterday I was slipping into some clothes that reminded me it will soon be here.

    Our Mojave is so harsh we don't get the wonderful wildlife displays like you do in the Sonoran. It's just too cruel here. During summer months, the animals likely only come out at night. We have a nearby mountaintop from which we can see the bats come out shortly after sundown. A pretty incredible sight! I love the bats.

  7. Why was geography way back when not as interesting as your posts are now?

  8. It's been total monsoon both in London and now back here in NY!!!
    deluge upon deluge.......
    one super pretty day (Tues) when I went to the horticultural gardens
    have had to wash entire contents of my travel bag from dragging it through
    knee deep puddles in London!

  9. William...
    awwwww very sweet bunny and no rain in sight....

    what is the saying about you can't control the weather but we do watch it so we can maybe hope for good news ?

    Yes a chilly 103 today...
    when you live in the desert you need to truly follow the seasons.

    I love the bunnies.... but I do wish we had some humidity in the air at lest to help out till the rain comes.

    They have to be to live here !

    I know what you mean about the Mojave, I am so lucky to live here in the Sonoran Desert.

    awww thanks, I learn so much just reading your posts too.

    I have been reading your posts about your wet but beautiful travels, we could use the rains. The air is so dry and hot, no humidity at all.