Friday, June 24, 2011

two little square black dogs....

The Boys.... Watson and Hamish

Sweet loving pups or evil plotters who seek world domination ...

I have always thought that Scotties are the cats of the dog world.
They kind of wait and assess the situation and then they decide if and
when they will do what you want.
Cheeky little devils, clever little devils, conniving little devils,
great waggly tail companion little devils and steal your heart little

They are usually under foot, more so with Hamish who has sent me
flying into walls, furniture, and sliding doors more times that I can
count, because he is truly under, in and around my feet.
They usually can be found in the studio where I spend most of my day
and is filled with pillows for their napping enjoyment.

I alway know where Hamish (right) is because he is never far from
where I am. When I move even two feet to get something he will move
with me. We call him the Shadow queue music, among many other non
printable names.
Watson (left) will mosey off and I mean mosey, usually I find him
laying in the light from the skylight in the entry way. Napping in
the sunlight in a air conditioned home in the desert, must be heaven
to an old pup.

Every once in awhile I come around the corner and see this...

Sweet pups, butter wouldn't melt in their mouths (yeah right because
they have scarfed it down) sweet pups
who me ? sweet pups
and I know, I just know they are plotting but what are they plotting ?

Thankfully, it really doesn't matter what they are plotting because
after a nano second Hamish will have forgotten and go chase a bug, he
is a great tracker and Watson will fold for a game of tug and a
chicken strip !

What can I do, they have wrapped me around their little paws and I
lurve them !

scottie. . . parsnip
music. . . Porco Rosso OST, Joe Hisaishi

square dog update....
Watson's Valley Fever is better, lungs clearer and he is off the many
medication and we are watching for any signs of relapse
Hamish's diabetes is now under control, insulin shots twice a day and
we looking at a time for his next surgery.


  1. Ah, THERE they are! Very well said, parsnip, about Scotties/cats. I love both, and they really are remarkably alike in nature.

  2. Hello:
    But, they are adorable. And we are sure that you would not trade them for the world!

  3. Good to know they are on the mend and probably back to their wicked ways;)

  4. I must say they look as though butter wouldn't melt in their mouths but just remember they are Scottish TERRIERS- I have a Border terrier - they all have a naughty streak, that's what makes them so adorable.

  5. What a pair of beauties! I love the 'ears up, ears back' too. Hope they stay well.

  6. I suspect they're plotting world domination, but that's just me.

    They are impossibly adorable. I've always loved Scots terriers (and I'm not really one for the smaller breeds). They've got such character to them.

  7. William, you have to admit, these two guys are irresistible!

  8. Leslie...
    I agree, they are cats !

    Jane and Lance...
    I love them dearly ! They are adorable !

    They are doing quite well. Hamish doesn't like the shots but the chicken strips bribe seen to help. Watson last check-up was good, wish my Vally Fever could be cured but it can't.

    That is why I love them I am a huge fan of Terriers. Their personally is what makes them so enchanting.
    I had a Border Terrier, Samantha and she was the very best dog I ever had. Don't tell The Boys"

    Watson has ears down because that is his I'm so Innocent look. We call it the boo boo look. Hamish is looking to see if the camera is a treat.
    Food is a big part of his life.

    I think your right, world domination sounds just about right !
    Scotties have a big personally to make up for size, they don't believe that they are small.

    The Boys would love you ! :) They know a good soul !

  9. Laoch
    yeah... they are cute but they don't let it go to their heads .... too much !

    They woof right back at you... thanks for stopping by. I must check out your blog soon.

  10. Kirk...
    Watson is a brindled Scottie and has more gray. Hamish is a Westie/Scottiec and is small like a Westie and all black. He will always look like a puppy and he is seven.


    woof ! woof !