Friday, June 17, 2011

prickly pear friday...

prickly pear friday... by angryparsnip
prickly pear friday..., a photo by angryparsnip on Flickr.

Two of the many Prickly Pear with fruit from around my home.

Be sure to check out the close-ups of the fruit at the post below...


  1. What a beautiful stand of prickly pear!

    Pretty funny WV - "nested".

  2. Simply gorgeous! Would you believe my yard has no cactus? Every time I plant some they rot or get that disease that looks like snow. Yours look so happy. :)

  3. I cannot think of a more different environment from the one I live in Parsnip - that's what makes yout blog so fascinating.

  4. The fruit must taste even more delicious when one had braved the pricks.

  5. Beautiful, parsnip! (The tree actually looks like it has a face.)

    How close are you to the wildfires now?

  6. I really like that blend of colour in the cactus; nice shot!

  7. Leslie...
    I really like the Prickly Pear the blooms are like Roses.

    well thank you I really just leave them alone.
    I can't believe that you can't grow them ... too much water ?
    I just whack off the pad or two and just stick in the ground and wa laa, the only problem I have is the Javelinas eating all the new growth. That is why I do my planting in the Summer when they are up higher in the mountains.

    You know how much I love where you live and your farm !
    I think your blog is so fascinating especially Goldie :)

    You must scrape away all the spines. The syrup made from them is very sweet and rather tasty.
    But something I wouldn't ever do. I let all the animals and birds eat them.

    I like that grouping of Prickly Pear very much.
    The fires are mostly burning east and south,
    But the Serra Vista fire is about 75 miles away around 2 hours. the wind has calmed a bit and the slurry and water drops have helped. it is still a huge mess though.
    What make so sad and very bad they were all man made fires... idiots ! 5 fires destroying so much.

    That view is when you come up my long driveway... It is one of my favorite views and always has Quail and lizards hanging out around it.