Sunday, February 6, 2011

oh yes, the low was 17 last night !

Coldest night in 100 years !

Not sure if you can tell but the pool is completely frozen over and
yes the low Thursday was 17 and the high on Friday was 35.

Durning the winter months I run the pool equipment at night to keep
the water moving so it doesn't freeze in the pipes and burst.
The pool-man has the timer set at midnight to 6 am but after seeing
this I reset the time to run longer. Thank goodness the ice
was thin and didn't do any damage.

All my poor citrus trees in the background have taken a huge hit and
the fruit and leaves are destroyed. They look terrible today.
The leaves are shriveled and yellow and the fruit is mush in your hands.

Harlows Tree service will be out around April to prune and repair the

Tucson always has a few freezing nights durning winter but never this
bad. And sure enough it looks like the weather read the
Tourist pamphlets because last night was 34 and today will be 68 more
typical Tucson weather.
The only thing we are missing is our rain in the valley and the snow
in the mountains. We can only hope.

swimming. . . parsnip
music. . . Rolling In The Deep, Adele


  1. That's so surreal! Sunshine, swimming pool and ice.
    So sorry about the fruit trees, but mostly completely agog at your weather.
    If that's your house, can I come and stay please?

  2. I hope for your sake you don't get to skate.
    Beautiful pool.

  3. Titus...
    Tucson is like that surreal.
    Yes, that is my home left a message on your blog. The Square Doggies honor guard will be waiting.

    awwwwww, Thanks, When I moved in I had the pool redone but didn't change the shape. I wish I had put in an adjoining hot tub though. I have a free standing one next to my bedroom, much needed for days when I can't seem to get body part aligned !

    No worries, no skating for me !

  4. Brrr, cold. I am used to the cold but it is amazing that it froze in Tucson. You make Tucson sound like a great place to live though. Love the pictures.

  5. You can just barely make out the glaze of ice on the surface....