Monday, January 31, 2011

It is sleepytako's birthday and oh it is groundhog's day too...

I am posting this a day early because if it is February 1st in Tucson
it is February 2nd,
Groundhog day in Japan. My evening is the next day morning, and
yesterday is today
oh gosh you get the idea. . .

This charming photo was taken on my last trip to Osaka. Lunch at a
Fugu restaurant.
Everyone thinks Fugu is dangerous, poisonous, blah, blah, blah but let
me tell you that is
the lest of your problems.

What is dangerous is the drink that comes with the meal.
Gasoline tastes like a fine wine next to this drink.
Hot Sake filled with the dried tail and fins of the Fugu and you are
to drink it with the meal.
The smell is overwhelming and the taste indescribable.

As you can tell from the photo the only way to drink some of Fugu
cocktail (?) was to hope the
cigarette smoke would cover the smell and dull the taste buds which is
no big deal because
Fugu is rather bland so who would know ?

Not sure if that is working !
but, Oh My Goodness I do love this photo of Japanese Son.

So Happy Happy Birthday my little Groundhog Baby I remember the day
you were born as if
it was today or tomorrow or yesterday or . . . whenever you get the
idea. . . Bigs hugs ! ! !

mumzilla. . . parsnip
music. . . Happy Birthday, Shikao Suga

This is a great Holiday to have your Birthday on. Not big enough to
overpower you day but fun
enough to have a good laugh. Plus I think Groundhogs are rather cute.


  1. Your son's eyes tell you about the taste of this cocktail - overwhelming, as you say Parsnip, but such a jolly post, even if it speaks of the repetition of groundhog day. Thanks.

  2. This is sinful to say, I know, but anyone who smokes and drinks at the same time gets a big thumbs-up in my book! Sorry to be so unreconstructed.
    Happy Birthday to son!

  3. I was thinking you can tell that isn't taken in the US right off the bat because he is smoking inside :)
    Happiest of Birthdays to him and to you. I often feel like my daughter's birthday is also my own, I'm the one that did the birthing after all.

  4. Happy Birthday Sleepytako! Now how did that name evolve?

  5. Not altogether sure what a groundhog looks like.


    OMG That stuff was so gross. I didn't even need to taste it, the smell alone told me to run! I'm glad I caught this photo!

  7. Very happy birthday to Japanese son! Fab photo, he so looks like it's not a good taste! Japan has just increased its homeland status: you can smoke in a restaurant? I must make plans to move immediately.

  8. Happy Birthday to Japanese son. It looks like he is drinking castor oil.

  9. Happy Birthday to your Groundhog Day baby! I like his Kitt Peak T-shirt. :)

  10. Now there's a jolly-looking courageous lad.

  11. I've got a cousin who's also a Groundhog birthday boy.

  12. Elisabeth...
    Yes, the eyes say it all and more !

    He works part time at an Irish Bar, filled with crazy Irish men by way of Australia . So you can see... Beer and smoking = good, they know how to drink those crazy guys. He will be pleased with the thumbs up.

    They are our Birthdays too !
    I know that photo is so funny...

    Tako is octopus and they are everywhere little red octopus in ad, stuffed toys, hanging from light poles.... why sleepy ? I don't know I must ask him.

    I will post a picture they are so cute you would like them I think.

    I am so happy you where there to record the "wonderious" history of the fugu drink !

    You can smoke in restaurants I think or at lest lots of the places I go to eat. Usually I can't be in smoky places but for some reason it doesn't bother me too much. Son is very careful around me though !

    Castor Oil would be an improvement !

    Last time they came to visit we were sure to drive up there. One of my favorite places it is so beautiful. One of my early posts was on Kitt Peak
    My Dad worked on one of the telescopes when t was first being built.

    David will try just about anything. I'm in awe sometimes and also want to shake him sometimes as the Mum gene kicks in ! but I tried to let my children be adventurous within reason.

    I know that on any given day many many babies are born but I have never heard of another Groundhog
    Congratulations to your cousin. It is the best holiday to have a birthday on !

  13. I pretty much only smoke when I drink. That stuff was *rank* but rank in a good way. I could drink it again. Actually I acquired some fugu fins and dried them out for this purpose. I haven't used them yet.

    I used sleepy for many of my nicknames. I'm somewhat of an insomniac so I'm typically in some state of sleepiness. Tako means octopus in Japan, it's also a local delicacy.

  14. parsnip I did not know anything about Hot Sake. So this is your Japanese Son. Happy belated birthday!
    BTW thank you so much for posting on my story blob blog, you are so right mommies are always Santas. Thanks again, Anna :)