Monday, February 21, 2011

coffee with parsnip...

coffee with parsnip..., originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Well, I am still trying to figure out what to call my Monday morning
It will be about what is going on around my home that morning I need
an interesting subject
line with parsnip in it.

Todays post is on my citrus trees. A few weeks ago the Jet Stream
dipped very low engulfed
Tucson with evening temperatures of 18 degrees.
Oh my goodness, It has not been that cold in Tucson for a 100 years !
It was a bit nippy !
Our winter temperatures can drop for a night or two into freezing but
the warm sunny days
make up for it.

The Citrus trees all over Tucson took a huge hit. This time of the
year they should be full of
leaves and fruit and instead they are dropping leaves and mushy fruit
all over town.
One interesting fact is that some of the Tangelo fruit on the tree in
the front of photo is still good.
Who knew ?

The Harlows Gardens tree people will be out in March to assess the
damage, prune and feed
the trees.
The white paint on the tress is to cover the treatment for a fungus
that trees have, and the
ground squirrels love to eat and transfer from tree to tree with their
tiny little feet.
Cheeky little devils !

coffee. . . parsnip
music. . . Mad World, Tears For Fears


  1. I know - we lost the majority of our plants this winter. My wall of bouganvilla is a pitiful sight indeed. I'm going to be changing up my Monday Morning posts next month! Been running my four lovely women posts for a year now and I'm going to give them a break. Think mine will be "my world monday" with a snippet of my little bubble. I like coffee with parsnip but am trying to think of a clever "p" word for you. If it comes to me, I'll jot it down and send it off to you :) Hope the orange trees come back.

  2. jeanette...
    I was just commenting on your post, we passed in cyber space.
    My gardeners say don't do anything till March when the last freeze can come to do some work.
    I don't have any non native plants, because of all the wildlife, watering and upkeep so my yard/land looks pretty good, except for the citrus tree and one very small bougainvillea that won't die.
    Thanks for the help with the "p" word. I was thinking "parsnip manor" or "life at parsnip manor" "parsnip's view" but ... ?
    I love your "my world monday"
    The trees will come back but they will need lots of work.

  3. Fingers and toes crossed for the trees: I hate to think there'll be no candied peel produced in your kitchen at Christmas time.

    Ok, thinking about titles how about: 'Parsnip Perspective', or 'Parlay view Parsnip?', or, perhaps, 'Parsnip's Playground'? I'll stop now!

  4. Are those rabbits I see in the background? I know they like carrots, but tangerines?

  5. I noticed the poor palm trees took a hit in thst freeze.And those patheric looking daliesque paddle cactuses that have all but melted into grotesque piles all around town.
    I'm glad your tangelos survived.
    xoxo Kim

  6. Parsnip's Monday Meanderings.
    There's something gloriously uplifiting about the colour orange.

  7. That is an astoundingly beautiful image. Rivetting!

  8. It looks like pumpkins hanging from those trees.

  9. I am so glad you still have some fruit that wasn't ruined. I am glad you explained the paint. The picture is great.

  10. Eryl...
    I think the trees will come back but lots of work ahead.
    I love all your titles and especially "parlay view parsnip" brilliant !

    Those are some garden rabbits. Besides the fact I like them among the citrus trees they make it fun for the real bunnies to come out and play.
    I wish the rabbits and the Javelinas like the citrus fruit but they won't touch it.

    The palms took quite a hit here too. It seems the smaller "pad" cactus came out just fine, the bigger "pad" ones all look destroyed.
    I think where you live it was even colder.

    For some reason orange is "the" color this year, who new ?

    Thank You, maybe there is a haiku in all of this ?

    For some reason my tangelos are so very orange !
    and so very tasty.

    When an orange tree grows in the wild... it's branches grow down to protect the bark and it can get very dense lots of protection. Much of the fruit that is still good is from the inside of the tree.

  11. Sad to lose plants and fruit from freezing weather. It's pretty cold here tonight. Victoria is Canada's warm weather destination but tonight we have arctic outflow winds creating a temperature of -15 Celsius (that's about 5 degrees F)--way too cold for some of the plants in my garden. Glad your tangelos are surviving. They are my favorite kind of orange. They're also soooo pretty hanging on that tree.