Friday, February 11, 2011

stamps !

stamps !, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

I love writing real mail, snail mail, hold in your hand mail....

I love decorating my mail except for bills, I think the envelope
should be as fun as the note
card or letter in side.
Even the the stamps should be interesting. I look for the most fun,
exciting or appropriate
stamp to put on the mailer.
Thank you Eryl your "Fireball XL5" is a most fabulous stamp and is
being added to my collection.

Not always finding stamps I like I found a USPS web-site that you can
design your own stamps.
I am so there !

These are four of my first tries. The stormy cloud one is the lest
effective. It is a wonderful photo
but gets lost in a small stamp format. The Two Square Dogs are always
so black that if it
wasn't for the little pink tongues you could never find their sweet
little faces awwwwwwww !
The cactus bloom and the exciting rain storm seem to work best.

I could become very addicted to this web site !

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  1. Very cool stamps and timely for me because I happen to be at a stamp convention in Charleston SC right now. Got a bucket of used stamps for $5 in addition to some amazing ephemera and old covers from the 1800's and on.
    Who knew a stamp convention could be so fun?!
    How neat that you can design your own.
    xoxo Kim

  2. I thought about doing this for a friend's Christmas present (photos of their daughters) and completely forgot! Thanks for the reminder, was wondering how they come out. I think yours are great :)

  3. I just received your valentine with your new beautiful stamps on it! I was so happy to see them, they are so fabulous <3

  4. Such lovely stamps ap - it would be lovely to get a letter with something so cheerful on it.
    These days of e mail mean that real letters are rare and that is sad.

  5. I am totally going to check that out right now! What fun, and your stamps are lovely.

  6. Numinosity...
    I just read your post. I am so envious of your trip to the stamp show. I would be there at the dollor bin too !

    What a great idea for a gift. Fun useful and you don't have to dust it !
    One year I picked out return address labels with special photos on them for friends.

    Yea ! I am so glad you got the mail.

    I like e-mail and it is useful especially with my children all over the world but a letter is Gold !

    For me it was the United States Postal Service web site that takes you to the "Picture It Postage by Endicia" site. it was so easy and fun I am so addicted !

  7. I kind of like the one with the stormy clouds. If the picture loses something when shrunk, it must REALLY look good when enlarged.

  8. I love sending and receiving snail mail too. Your stamps really are beautiful; what a fun project!

  9. How very pretty...
    There's something magical about snail mail, isnt there?

  10. Those little pink tongues got my vote:)