Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fabulous Mail !

Fabulous Mail !, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Among the bills, flyers, and various "throw in the recycle bin"
adverts in the mail, there can be a treasure !

My treasure on Saturday was from Titus.
A Book ! Her Book, a handmade book of her poems and utterly FABULOUS !

So far my favorite poem is "Venti" which is also the name of her book.
As I first looked through the book I was amazed by the different
texture of the paper, the printing and the art work that works so well
with the poems.
The next day I was able to find some quite time and really enjoy the
whole book.

I first received "Bianca" one of Eryl's favorite crochet family
characters and now a book, stamped envelope and poetry no. 5 from
I am so glad to have joined the five handmade giveaway.

Thank you, Titus !
A few days late but paper work and not the good kind, bills, tax
reports, checks and a new will has been keeping me too busy !
I keep saying how much I love paper but not this kind of paper !

cheers. . . parsnip
music. . . If I Could, Blue Merle


  1. What a tresure you have received. It's heartwarming to think about the love that went into it and the appreciation you now have for it. Getting surprises in the mail is such fun :)

  2. Yes, I have a copy of this too ap - in fact I bought two copies as Christmas presents and they were both much appreciated. Not only is the poetry beautiful but the presentation is also first class.

  3. I really must, must, must get myself a copy of this beautiful book. The ridiculous thing is I could actually pop round to her house for one without too much difficulty, and we are members of the same writing group! Yet I haven't seen her for bleeding ages.

    Perhaps once you've dealt with all the grim paper you can recycle it into a papier mache puffer fish, or something.

  4. Hooray parsnip! Glad it arrived, gladder you liked it!

  5. Even before reading it it looks attractive in the photo.