Sunday, February 6, 2011

What my pool looked like Thursday Morning.

What my pool water looked like on Thursday Morning.

The cold wave that has been hitting most of the America finally
swooped down and touched Tucson.
Thank goodness it decided to go be cold somewhere else and only
visited Tucson for three days.


  1. No frozen pipes? We did where we were staying in Tucson and one very frigid day at the gem show. I'm glad it didn't last too long!
    Nice rare photo!
    xoxo Kim

  2. Ugh. I shiver when I look at the photo.

  3. Numinosity...
    Knock on wood no frozen pipes ! but the main outside watering system pipes blew a top flange (?) off and it was wrapped.
    So glad the cold wave didn't last too long but how can I complain when I see what is going on in other cities.
    Bisbee is always colder than Tucson hope your OK.

    Oh Boy it was cold but we are back to more normal temps. Thank goodness

  4. Are the boys ever tempted to jump in or is it out of bounds for them?

  5. That's an eerie photo, but beautiful too. Glad all your plumbing survived.

  6. You have a frozen pool, I have a frozen bucket. Glad the temps are back to normal now.

  7. That looks almost like an abstract image!

  8. Gee, it's almost like home (I write from Cleveland)

  9. Pat...
    The Boys do not like water so I don't worry about them jumping in. Hamish will kick a ball into the water then dunk for the ball. Sometimes I think he will fall in but he never does.

    I think if I asked what is this photo of I am not sure that anyone would guess.
    So far so good on the home plumbing but it was touch and go for those two nights. The irrigation
    system took a hit but I think/hope It will be OK.

    I will take your frozen bucket any day... That cold front was so outside the norm for us but thank goodness it only lasted two nights.

    That is why I like it so much plus I love lines. How could ice/water make such straight lines ?

    Well sort of but not quite unless it will be a high of 70 with a low of 40 tomorrow in Cleveland. This weekend it will drop to more normal temp about 65/38 that's where we should be but the rain in the valley and snow in the mountains that haven't come yet !

    I am a huge Cleveland Indians fan ! when I was younger, back in the stone age, the Indians used to train in Tucson. So besides the Angles, when I lived in California, those are my two favorite baseball teams. All the years of having season tickets finally payed off when I got to see the Angles win the World Series !

  10. Love this picture! I wish I could have seen the ice in person :D

  11. That's some really crazy weather. I had a few decently cold nights back in Tucson, but nothing close to that.

    It's been surprising to many out here when I tell them that you're pool has a layer of ice.