Monday, February 14, 2011

Mum and her baby

Mum and her baby, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Mum and her baby that has grown and survived the winter so far.


  1. What fun! My parents have a little group that come each morning for their "breakfast". My father tosses out the food and they come out from the bushes like clockwork. There is also one lone fellow who seems to travel by himself, I worry about him, wonder why he doesn't travel with the pack and so forth.

  2. jeanette..

    The little lone fellow is kicked out of the herd by the Leader because he is a growning male. I see them following behind the herd and it breaks my heart too but nature is nature.

    I don't feed my herd/herds because I don't want them dependent on me and then they start to stay around instead of traveling their route and bother the neighbors.
    Plus when they dig up roots of plants to eat and the crazy homeowners get mad they have been known to shoot them run them over with cars, shoot arrows, throw hatchets at them ( Tucson Wildlife Center Newsletter ) so I try to have the lest amount of interaction with them as possible.
    It is hard especially when the new babies are born, so cute but that is also when the herd is the most protective and easy to provoke.
    People even send their dogs after them and then get upset when the dogs are injured and killed.

    So as much as I want to, picture taking is as much interaction as I do with them besides letting them nap in my citrus grove.
    I also have a Bobcat that sleeps in my grove too and He can nap anywhere He wants too !

  3. Parsnip, you live in a great place! I love this photo.

  4. I think your least amount of interaction is absolutely right. What strange creatures they are.

  5. It's hard not to feed wild animals because they're so cute, but it's damaging and dangerous animals and humans alike. I almost feel iffy about bird feeders, though a lot of people who are more knowledgeable on the subject than me seem to be okay with them.