Friday, February 18, 2011

They are back.....

They are back....., originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Today the bigger herd was munching on the Century (Agave) Plant stalk
that I left for them.
We cleaned up the dead plant but I left the stalk with the seed pods
on it for the animals to enjoy.
It was all gone in a few minutes. Can you say Yum !

This herd had two very young juveniles and two brand new babies !
Ack ! the cuteness is killing me !

hungry. . . parsnip
music. . . Magical Beast Farm, Final Fantasy OST


  1. Ooh, dead plant stalks, my favourite!

  2. What a good soul you are to revel in their cuteness as these animals gnaw away.

  3. All of these photos are amazing! I'm so glad you caught them! What time where they out?

  4. That's an amazing photo, ( my husband agrees) It look almost unreal, jungle -like.
    I love the javelinas even though they wreak havoc around here.
    xoxo Kim

  5. All I have are birds. I'm beginning to feel deprived. Never a dull moment in your garden.
    I wonder what the boys think of them.

  6. They are adorable! It's usually dark out when they visit my yard. I didn't know they liked agave seeds.

  7. Hang on. Is that a wild pig pack? Or are they pets? I get so confused with the exotica of life in your neck of the desert.
    Javelinas? And who tied the orange balls on the trees?

  8. Eryl...
    Your comments are always so funny, plant stalks are good ! yummy tasty ! fiber is good for you.

    I think they are so adorable too !

    They are just going about their day and I love watching them.

    It was in the morning about 8:30 they were all milling around what is left of my frozen trees
    having a morning snack and chat.

    It does look jungle like but I do keep it the yard very wild.
    I adore the Javelinas and after all it was their land first and we are just interlopers.

    Well, if I had your garden and birds I think I could love it too !
    And yes there is never a dull moment here.

    They do come through my yard at night too. They can eat small animals and snakes (yea) but mostly eat a veterinarian diet of roots, cactus, grass seeds and fruit.

    They are not wild pigs but peccaries although in the same family group as pigs they are more related to the hippopotamus. God I love them !
    Hippopotamus... wahhaahahahahhah
    They are very wild and not to be messed with. They live in small herds and have the cutest little babies. Can not be domesticated and can seriously injure people and dogs.
    The orange balls are the few Tangelos that survived the hard freeze that really hurt all the Citrus trees in Tucson.

  9. Terrific picture! I can see how you'd say the cuteness is killing you!

  10. What fabulous babies! And I love the photo with the dead branch on an angle.