Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I am joining Titus and Eryl...

I am joining Titus and Eryl in....

I promise to send something I make myself to the first 5 people who
leave a comment on this post and who in turn,
promise to make the same offer on their blog.
Rules are that you need to make the items personally and send them to
your 5 folks within 2011.

How fun is this...
I am thinking a small handmade book with photos and my haiku or an
assortment of postcards... still thinking.

The ideas are endless...
You could print out one of your poems, a photo of your garden in the
snow, a small drawing, make a sachet.
Titus is boiling wool to make buttons or you could crochet small cute
critters a la Eryl . . . adore !

I wanted to do a link to Eryl's and Titus's blog but my brain is not
working today and neither is the link !

30 January, 2011

cheers. . . parsnip
music. . . Ordinary Day, Vanessa Carlton


  1. how cool are you all, but i seem to only able to make promises right now. but a grand idea, sugar, you are all amazing! xoxoxox

  2. I think it is a lovely idea but I'm excusing myself as I haven't got the necessary get up and go just now.

  3. Yea! Watch out for the mail man.

    Love the idea of handmade books with photos and haiku, and I know how fab your handmade postcards are!

  4. I think this is a lovely idea but at present I just cannot contemplate making five things - maybe later in the year.