Saturday, January 22, 2011

Very late Christmas post with more Christmas Cards...

I have shown my love of Japanese greeting cards before on this blog.

From the beautiful seasonal cards to the Christmas ones of wonderful
old woodblock prints, twinkling stars, Tokyo Tower,
Sumo, singing animals, snow filled landmarks to lights that blink to

They can fold, pop-up or made from wonderful paper to be saved and
used year after year.
Maybe because it is an acquired holiday to Japan they have a very
interesting take on Christmas and I think make
terrific Christmas Cards.

Several Bloggers around Christmas time said they didn't like, want or
need to send cards and that is fine for them but
being born a greeting card artist ... I love any and all cards !

This year instead of putting out my favorite saved cards from several
years I just put out some of my Japanese ones.
Along with the newest card shown below.

Sending real mail rules ! and keeps me out of trouble :)


  1. I had no idea they celebrated Christmas in Japan. Interesting.

  2. They know how to make the very best of paper and ink in my spiritual homeland!

    Rather envious of the space and light you have with which to display your treasures.

  3. They look interesting. I'm also fascinated by those column-like things (twigs?) in the background.

  4. My comment went walk about with Yahoo.
    That is a great space to display favourite memorabilia.

  5. I love the cards. Very cool. What a delight.

  6. Kirk...
    They celebrate Christmas sort of, mostly for the foreigners. One Christmas I was staying in a lovely older hotel in Tokyo, they had a beautiful Christmas tree up but on the morning of the 26th the tree was gone and the New Year display was up.
    New Year is the big Holiday, Celebration.

    Your spiritual homeland is calling !

    Thanks. I do have lots of open space with minimal
    furniture, and I keep editing stuff out. I like the look but also Tuscon is so dusty I don't want to be cleaning all the time.
    I do make up for it in my studio that is jam packed with stuff !

    awwww Thanks I like it too.
    I was in Pottery Barn several years ago and they
    had a fabulous round heavy glass vase that I wanted but priced at $200 to $300 I didn't want to pay that. They were filled with pieces of wood extra of course... so I kinda borrowed the idea.
    My very narrow oblong (?) glass vase was lots cheaper and I always am finding branches and twigs so waa la'
    I just add tiny Christmas bobbles or small green things when the spirit hits. It one of my favorite pieces.

    I love that you have retained some "Australian" even after your family has gone home. I love the "walk about" saying !

    Thank You. They are so much fun and when I unpack them it seems all new again.

  7. Beautiful... Very nicely done, I loved it!!
    Have a nice day:-)
    My Yatra Diary...

  8. Beautiful Japanese cards - and I absolutely agree about real mail and Christmas cards.

  9. Yes, Christmas cards do have quite a pull. I'm not sure why, but we have often spoken of discontinueing the practice, without ever getting close to doing it.

  10. Arti...
    Thank You for stopping by, I must check out your Diary.... do I need a secret key ?

    Every time I go to visit my family near Osaka I always bring back a suitcase full of paper goods.
    My family has a manta ... step away from the paper and no one will be hurt... not working !

    I remember looking through all the cards we received as a child... so wonderful... sitting on the floor picking out my favorite ones. Like you such memories. For me that was a part of Christmas.