Friday, January 14, 2011

Lunch at Zemams

Lunch at Zemams, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

We had a Birthday lunch for my Arizona Son at Zemams Ethiopian

Most people in the world eat with chopsticks, the second most popular
way is with one's hand, the third is with a knife and fork.
This is what is printed on the menu at Zemams and how you eat
Ethiopian food is the second way with your hand
no chopsticks or knife and fork.

We ordered the Combination Sampler Three different dishes, that come
with four condiment dishes.

The order came on a large flat dish, covered with Injera and the food
spooned on top.
You tear off a piece of Injera, a traditional bread that is very white
and spongy (top left of photo) wrap it around the food and devour.
After the first tentative try at picking up the food, your get the
idea and by the end of the meal you think...

" All food should be eaten this way "

The main dishes we ordered...
Kay Wat... onions, red lentils in a spicy sauce.
Yetakelt Wat... potatoes and vegetables
Yebeg Wat... lamb

The side dishes were, chick peas, greens, lentils and vegetables.

The photo does not show how really wonderful the food looks, it is
colorful, fragrant and fabulously delicious.

Tucson is filled with fabulous restaurants and Zemams is one of our

happy. . . parsnip
music. . . Bohemian Attraction, John Hackett

p.s. they do not serve parsnips... bummer


  1. I wasn't hungry but now I am! Ethiopian food is too delicious.

  2. Do the have the same Indian custom where one hand is kept for food and clean tasks and the other for less clean tasks?
    Looks yummy but I would need a large napkin:)

  3. mollybot...
    I wish I was at Zemams right now. I want the red lentil dish and the lamb in spicy sauce... yum

    This restaurant has been here four fifteen years and is wonderful.

    I am sure there must be some rule ?
    but you would be surprised how the spongy bread is so easy to use to pick up the food. It is not messy at all.

  4. I've never had Ethiopian food, it looks and sounds delicious, I love anything spicy. I think I might instigate an eating with your hands policy here, washing-up cutlery is such a chore!

  5. Fascinating. Should like to try that.

  6. Funny, I just ate there for the first time recently, It's right around the corner from a friend's house. Nice photo!

  7. That food looks so interesting. I had injera once but not with anything that looks as delicious as that combination.

  8. Eryl...
    Anytime you don't have to wash dishes is great !

    You would like the food, it is not overly spicy but very tasty.

    I am very envious of your friend ! Thank You for stopping by.
    As for your Durian comment, Lee Lee Market carries them frozen in Tucson and Phoenix.
    Saigon Pho Vietnamese Restaurant by Main Gate, U of A has frozen Durian ice cream. They also have the best Vietnamese Pork sandwiches.

    That is what I like about Tucson it is a very "Foodie" town Tons of fabulous places to eat !

  9. Aha, I just ate at Saigon restaurant a couple of days ago! Didn't know they had durian ice cream. We love that place!


  10. The meal did not look delicious until you described it. Then it sounded so yummy. I have never gone to an Ethiopian restaurant. I will have to look for one in St. Louis.

  11. Are you a mess by the time the meal is over? I've never eaten Ethiopian food but it sounds like they have lots of good options for me. Sometimes it's hard to find foods for a gluten-free vegetarian. Must keep my eyes peeled for a good place here in Phoenix.

  12. Carole...
    It looks better in person... like chili or tacos with out the shell.

    after your first try, you see how easy it is and it is not messy at all. I used one napkin, mostly at the end of the meal when I was tearing off the saturated injera from the plate.
    My son knows of an Ethiopian restaurant in Phoenix, I'll get the name from him and e-mail you.