Saturday, January 1, 2011

Photo Book

Photo Book, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

When you live in Tucson Arizona the first thing you notice is the sky
and the clouds.
It envelopes you and holds you close.
From the soft breezes of Spring, the wild ozone fueled Summer storms,
the cool Autumn relief after the heat of summer
to the heavy clouds of Winter.
The clouds are always close. So close that you feel that you can reach
out and touch them.
They are the Castles in the Sky.

I had printed a few books of my photography for Christmas gifts.
I thought the book came out rather nice and I think I will be trying
this again and try to work out the layout better.
Possibly adding my haiku's
I forgot how fabulous it is to just spending TIME on just my art.

I usually do not make New Year resolution, apart from learning how to
wave like the Queen. (so far a fail on that one)

But this year is the "Year of the Parsnip" and my resolution is,
TIME to do more art !

So my New Year wish for everyone is to find time... carve out some
some time to do what you want no matter what.
Read, write, draw or paint ... art awaits !

Yes, I know we all say that blah, blah, blah... but take my word on
this, find that time and don't wait so long as I did.
You can't get the years back.

wishes. . . parsnip
music. . . Every Ship Must Sail Away, Blue Merel

Parsnip Power !


  1. Oh yes, yes and yes to this. You can't get the years back so we have to find the time.

    What a lovely idea to print photos into a book...and I'm sure it's gorgeous. The skies in the part of the world are so spectacular.

    Happy new year!

  2. Which online company did you use for your Photo Book? It looks stunning.

  3. Joanna...
    I really liked the photo book and so far everyone I sent it too really liked it. It turned out smashing I thought.

    So funny I was posting a comment for you on my other post and your comment just popped up... how cool is that !
    I tried two companies...
    "photobox" out of England... I wasn't as pleased, if you want to know more why I can e-mail you and
    i-Photo right off my computer.
    I have an apple laptop and if you look at the bottom of your i-Photo page it is right there.
    The set up for "i-Photo" was easier than "photobox" (good for me) and except for some small text on the layout, that I messed up (eyes are going bad fast) I really liked it.
    I thought the price reasonable and I got to "shop"
    at my desk and have a great time doing it.
    Win win for me.

  4. Skies have long been a subject for study where I'm concerned. And yet there's something ineffable about them. That's part of the challenge, I suppose. Great post.

  5. Maybe if you manage this new resolution you may end the year as serene parsnig instead of angry parsnip!

  6. Dave...
    I am crazy about the sky. I grew up in Tucson, left and then came back... open space, big sky = good.

    When I was trying to get an email address, daughter and I sat down and tried out many names... I wanted some form of a carrot dancing, flying, jumping just something and then we progressed to parsnip and what would make a parsnip fun was an angry one so I became angryparsnip. I have had many funny talks about that name and it always bring out a big smile when people ask me about it !
    My company name is "under the table" because of all our pets who are always under the table !

  7. An excellent resolution and one worth sticking with. Art is life enhancing. Happy New Year:)

  8. Your Cloud book looks gorgeous! More time spent doing art sounds like a great idea. Happy New Year!

  9. The book looks like it came out great. Yes, Tucson skies are awe inspiring. Year of the Parsnip cracks me up! I'm going to reorganize my time a little better so I can back to reading a little each week. Seems with my business and blog start ups last year that was one of the things that got lost.

  10. Looks stunning as it is! And yes, yes, yes to the post.
    I love the idea of parsnip power.

  11. thanks for the advice. ...

    have a great 2011

  12. I hope you and everyone who wants to do something artistic (including myself) finds the time. Happy New Year.

  13. Pat...
    We all need a little art in our lives !

    You know how fabulous the Tucson Skies can be. So easy to fill a book.

    I am so glad you Liked "The Year of the Parsnip"
    I though it a hoot !
    Some times all the little things add up and we lose our much needed time !

    The lowly parsnip shall rise up from the earth and show the world a new super hero of strength and wisdom but modest too ! and wearing a fabulous new pink dress..... with sparkles

    Thanks for stopping by and lets all have the best New Year !

    It will be a fabulous New Year for us all !

  14. I love your photos. Your advice is also very stellar. We should all take it.

  15. Yes, I have a Mac Laptop. It's new and I don't know anything about iPhoto yet, but I'll learn. Thanks.

  16. I love your book and I feel so honored to have a copy of it. <3 I'll be waiting anxiously to see you post more of your art on the blog this year! We have the same new years resolution, I think :D

  17. Carole...
    Thank You, photos are very easy to take in Tucson.
    I love that you think my advice is stellar.
    I am so happy to see you are blogging, I hope that means you are feeling better.

    I like iPhoto only because it is the only one I have ever tried ! wahahahahah

    I loved giving you a copy. I will post more art if you post more art on your blog... I have a feeling we will both be working hard this year :)