Tuesday, January 25, 2011

aardvark people ?

aardvark people ?, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Now that the holidays are over with, it is time to get back to Osaka !

Window display in a clothing store. I rather like this display as
there could be a wonderful
Sci Fi story behind these people after all we are in the land of my
hero Godzilla !
I rather like the way Aislewen, because that is her name, is looking
right at us.

I am thinking Aardvark people or maybe an Elephant who grew up in the
city and had
some nose work done along with an ear pin ?
The options are endless.

mutant. . . parsnip
music. . . Banking On A Myth, Andrew Bird

photo by mollybot


  1. As a selling point, I wonder about these faces. Culturally determined I expect.

  2. This woman has a sense of humor and so do you.

  3. Oh dear, the elephant with the nose job made me smile, still am! Clever and quite funny.

  4. I think I've just found my new look, yay!

    Love those hanging things too.

  5. I'm agog! To me they look like souhern European sheep from the Island of Dr Moreau, and someone has stitched their tails onto their noses. Then some joker has made one wear a shirt too big, and one wear a shirt too small. And what are those weird hat-ty things on the high shelf at the back?
    I think we should be told. And can you try everything on?

  6. Whatever it is, the one girl in the window's reflection seems to find it amusing. Look at her smile! Who needs a multibillion dollar entertainment industry? Just get by with aardvark manniquins.

  7. Weaver...
    Gosh I want to meet your friend !

    Window styling and advertising in Japan is a whole other wonderful, imaginative and creative world. That is why I love it so.

    awwwww thank you so much. I love the whole European take on art and I think this could fit right in. I am going to put in the translator app for the blog soon so I hope to see you back again.

    Sometimes with my life, humor really helps !

    So glad you enjoyed the post. You know how much I look forward to your Monday blog.

    I adore the hanging "thingies" too ! and you could wear anything and it would look stylish.

    I thought they looked very Eurosheepy and I loved your take with Dr. Moreau.
    I adore aardvarks and really thought they looked like them. Love writing that word too.
    The shelve holds a pig, bird mask and a satchel.
    Daughter took the photo and can't really remember.
    They spent the whole day in several parts of Osaka and I am limited on my mobility so I had to pass on this day trip and I had spent a day around the same area last trip. Too much walking for me and I had a busy day lined up for the next day so I had to pass.
    I am bummed though because I missed meeting my aardvark sisters !

    I so agree, creativity abounds in Japan. I just enjoy walking and looking. A feast for the eyes.

  8. Titus...
    Clothes yes but I am not sure about trying on the mask but I would have asked. I ask people all sorta of questions and you never know.

  9. Well at least they're wearing their cozy nightgowns. Such an odd and interesting window display.

  10. Such a pleasant change from the norm. Much friendlier.

  11. Very cool. Sometimes I come upon the most fascinating displays in store windows too.

  12. You know how Altoids are curiously strong mints? These window displays are curiously weird stylistics.

  13. Joanna...
    I am not sure they are nightgowns, I really can't tell but I love the look.

    I like them much better than the really creepy manikins we have here.

    I love the window displays in Japan.
    New York has has fabulous windows and I love the Anthropologie (sp?) windows especially. So clever.

    Well they are doing their best considering they are aardvarks and not wandering Muppets hiding in Canada.

    I love both ! you really make me laugh.