Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Year of The Rabbit.

Year of The Rabbit., originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

This is The Year of The Rabbit in Japan and much of Asia.

I started collecting the paper-mache zodiac animals on my first trip
to Japan with the Year of The Monkey.
Now my wonderful Japanese Family send me a new one every year. Thanks,
lovely family !

The serving plate mollybot gave me years ago is of The Year of The
The New Year Baby riding the Dragon is holding a Kozuchi.

On left is a little bunny sitting on Mochi, that is to be sliced,
toasted and eaten for the New Year.
On the right is a pop-up New Year card called "Kumade"

Kumade was originally used as a broom to gather fallen leaves, the
kumade is now decorated with different lucky charms
in the hope it would gather happiness, good fortune and prosperity.

There are fifteen charms and five wishes.
One of my favorite charms is " Kozuchi" a Little Drum... bang it to
bring money and shake it for luck.
Another is the "Atariya" or Bullseye, a symbol that things will go as

Oh who am I kidding, I love them all !
The Bullseye is on the right side middle and the Drums are on either
side of "Okame" the lucky mask of a Lady's face.

So I wish you all a wonderful Year Of The Rabbit... although in my
world it is really ...

The Year Of The Parsnip ! Parsnip Power ! Yea-Haaaaa !

lucky. . . parsnip
music. . . Either Way It Goes, Blue Merle


  1. I LOVE collections. Looks like you have a lovely and meaningful one.

  2. Sign me up for any PARSNIP celebrations....
    Roasted parsnips are my favorite veggies.
    Our hearts go out to your wounded town.

  3. Yay! I love that rabbit! Does it's head nod or am i just wishful thinking.
    I'm with Elizabeth re Parnsip Power. And roast parsnips for that matter.

  4. Its head! How did that apostrophe sneak in?

  5. Kass...
    I also have some that are made from silk. So really cute. I think I will post another photo of them all.

    my daughter makes a super roasted parsnip and carrots, love them.
    Weaver had an Apple and Parsnip soup that she so kindly sent me and I am going to try to make it soon.

    I love rabbits we have lots of bunnies running around my home and yes his head does bobble...

    I love that plate and it is always out on display.
    I put what ever zodiac animal it is for the year in front of it.

  6. As it's the year of the rabbit, I can't resist...

    nnnnyyyyyyah, what's up, doc?

  7. William...
    be vewy vewy quiet I'm hunting wabbits

  8. Year of the Rabbit! On, nuts--I'm still writing "Tiger" on my checks!

  9. I'm drooling over that serving plate! Great post.

  10. Does the year of the rabbit come with forecasts for the year? I like all rabbits except the ones that come to eat my grass every night.

  11. I totally love that rabbit, especially as his head bobs!

    It's parsnip season here, they're best after a good frost, but for the life of me I can no longer bring myself to take a knife to them!

  12. Norma...
    My daughter and granddaughter are both tigers...

    I love that dish and it is always out.

    Yes, the zodiac animals do forecast the year but is also used for the personality of the baby to be born. That is why there are so many Dragon babies and marriages in those years.
    A rabbit year, will be a placid, congenial, languid, indulgent year. More temperate and unhurried year especial after a tiger year. I can tell you more if you want... quick explanation.
    I also have lots of bunbuns but they can't get to my very little grass dog yard anymore after the snake fence when up. I have lots of rattlesnakes as I live in the foothills.

    Oh My Goodness, I guess I am a cannibal because I love parsnips and eat them when I can... So as the main world leader Parsnip I give you ablution to eat any parsnip you can get your hands on.

  13. I am year of the snake. Doesn't sound complimentary, but I like it. I like parsnips too though so I can't be all bad.