Friday, January 7, 2011

Mollybot and The Two Square Dogs...

Sometimes life is just good...
Two of my children were home for Christmas, one came on Skype and of
course the Two Square Dogs.

Mollybot brought her paints, as we all do on any trip in my family and
stayed up late painting again as we all do.
Well for my Birthday ( the 4th ) I found out what she was doing.

A wonderful painting of my favorite photo of my charming but cheeky,
Two Little Square Black Dogs !
They sent Flowers cheeky little devils.

I had a lovely day and to make it even better my son cooked one of my
favorite dinners. . .
Lamb Chops, Potatoes and a Salad of Napa Cabbage.
I forgot to take a photo but it was lovely and quite fabulous dinner !
He is becoming a fantastic cook and the dinners lately have been
terrific plus I don't have cook, a win win for me !

fabulous. . . parsnip
music. . . Pick Up The Phone, Dragonette


  1. Happy Belated Birthday. That painting is adorable, especially the eyes.

  2. Happy birthday - love the dogs - the sone must have learned to cook at his mother's knee, so it is pay back time!

  3. Happy Birthday! :) I'm so glad you like your painting of the boys

  4. The painting is charming - what a lovely present and your birthday seems to have been a great success - quite an achievement as birthdays aren't so thrilling the older one gets.
    Many Happy Returns.

  5. It was your birthday! Happy, happy belated. The painting is marvellous, what a talented family you are. X

    ps. my diary has been duly amended.