Thursday, January 27, 2011

Everyday art in Japan

Everyday art in Japan, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Everyday art in Japan.
It is always surprising to me what or where I see it from the aardvark
people of Osaka
to the manhole covers that every city has and decorates.

Most of Americas street covers are very plain and boring and how
fabulous is this one.

This is the manhole cover of the City of Nara (November 2010 post)
In the center is the city insignia, the deer because they live and
roam free all around the Temple Park
and the flowers are the Cherry Blossoms (Sakura).

I want one.

walking. . . parsnip
music. . . Road, Nick Drake


  1. Oh it'd be fun to do a rubbing of that!

  2. That one is exceptional. Have you ever seen the Bisbee manhole covers? They're actually pretty artfully done. You can see one in this post.
    I'm always taking photos of manhole covers when I travel too!

    xoxo Kim

  3. That's so gorgeous! The Japanese prove that nothing has to be ugly: form and function can coexist. Someone could write a beautiful book on the art of the Japanese manhole cover. I'd buy it!

  4. Well how awesome is that? I like Kanani's idea of doing a rubbing. I did that in Poland but it was of super old wall plaques in a church, the manhole cover is much prettier.

  5. I'm with Kanani and Eryl. How utterly stunning is that! Like a beautiful linocut, yet functional.

  6. It shows up so beautifully on the computer.

  7. Hello there Parsnip - pleased to meet you. Thank you so much for commenting on my avator - it is actually a photograph of our late gander "Jo" who sadly died in June 2010. He was 20 at least! We had many adventures with him and really miss him, but he had a long, happy life and he was loved by all. If you search my blog for "Jo my faithful gander" you will see a wealth of events featuring him - also check out my old blog and do the same. He was so photogenic - a true yorkshireman!

  8. Manhole Cover? I thought it was a stepping stone. Very cool.

  9. That's great! Every street should have one.

  10. It's wonderful to see art as part of the every day infrastructure. I always think that when you can have functional art around it makes life just that much better. Good for Nara.

  11. Fascinating. Really, fascination is all around us, if we'll only look.

  12. Kanani...
    What a fabulous idea. Of course you would have to find one in a not too busy street.
    I think on my next trip I will do this.

    I have never been to Bisbee and have wanted to. Now I must visit and take photos of more covers !

    I have though of taking more photos of the different covers for all the cities. Must have son help with this !

    Kanani always has super ideas. I am going to try this one.

    I forgot to mention that I think this is a photo daughter took. She has a good eye for stuff like this.

    Thanks for stopping by. I love your "JO" he is very photogenic. Do ganders live that long ?

    Looking down is very rewarding in Japan !

    Some cities have several different covers.

    I have posted on some of the fun everyday art that you can find from directional signs to road work, they are the best.

    I so agree, art is all around.

    So glad, I post what I like and am happy if others like it too.

  13. parsnip really, this is amazing. I wish we were so cultural like other cultures, and created more art. I would never thought that this was manhole. Anna :)