Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day Of The Triffids

Day Of The Triffids, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Another green onion top or I guess it is the bottom or root ?

jeanette from everton terrace guessed right !

I loved reading all the comments... " it lives " from Eryl came close
with out answering because
they were alive in the fabulous 1962 movie...

"The Day Of The Triffids"

Which is what I saw and thought of as I was chopping and cleaning up
the leftover green onions.
Cooking at my home can be an adventure in its self. I should have a
sound track that follows me

The quote about Tom Goodwin is from the character description of the
scientist who figures out
how to kill the rampaging triffids ! Salt water kills them so the
music fitted the post too !
The ending in the book was better than the movie, similar to the "War
Of The Worlds". I think
they wanted a different ending for this movie.

Japanese Son bought me this fabulous new camera the night before I
came back from my trip
to visit family. But I am having trouble with the light in shots when
everything is white and with
some evening shots.
The instructions are in Japanese so trying to figure this out is
beyond my extremely limited

This shot came out somewhat closer to the real color but even here I
had to play with the color
to erase the yellow.

I just love the shadows the roots leave and that is what first
intrigued me.
After chopping the green onions one top was trying to escape from the
disposal and landed
on the top of my sink and the shadows from that root was fabulous !

I took around sixty shots trying to get a good one and kept about
All I can say is thank goodness for digital cameras and the delete
button !

fragrant. . . parsnip
music. . . Look What I Found In My Beer, Quench


  1. Hey Parsnip, thanks for the update on the onion top. I agree that the shadow of the roots is very intriguing. I'd like to draw that shape. Isn't it great that we can make so many exposures on these digital cameras. They're a true boon to creativity.

  2. I'd never have know that was an onion's bottom, I thought it was something exotic that had sprouted roots in you vegetable basket.

    Sounds like you need to manually set your white balance whenever the light changes, I have to do that to get the colours right on my camera. Luckily mine's in English so it wasn't difficult to work out how!

  3. Joanna...
    I love shadows !
    Thank Goodness for delete !

    I must try that, for all my camera knowledge in my younger years lugging around a camera bag and filled with stuff... I don't remember anything and all I do now is point and click !

    OK... when did you change your photo ? I am suppose to be an artist and I just saw it today ! and I love it !

  4. It was worth the 60 takes. Amen, for the delete button!

  5. Nice. I am so glad to know what it really is.

  6. Dave...
    Love DELETE !

    funny how a closeup changes anything.

    You where very close ! and basically the same food type group.

  7. It's an awesome picture and an awesome sounding word. Triffid.

  8. As I said, I had seriously just finished chopping a big bunch before I read your post so it was almost like cheating. I'm a big lover of delete too. Can't imagine how I could have my Etsy shop without digital :)

  9. Kass...
    I love the word triffid...

    My daughter has a Etsy shop too and I think we all love and need a delete button !