Friday, December 31, 2010

savannah marsh mamma's day !

It is Savannah's Birthday !

I found her blog this year and must say it is a hoot and I so enjoy
being called sugar when
she comments !

So today a favorite quote for her Birthday...
"We choose our destiny everyday an everyday I choose a destiny of joy"

Savannah, Happy Happy Birthday !

happy. . . parsnip
music. . . Don't Know Why, Norah Jones


  1. thank you, sugar! you're a joy and a great pal. happy new year and thanks for all the great reads & sights here on your blog! xoxoxo

  2. I love Norah Jones!

    Happy Birthday, Savannah!

  3. Lovely photo!

    It's only 16 minutes to 2011 here, so happy New Year! XXX

    (and thanks for all your support and generally helping to make this year such a nice experience.)

  4. Eryl...
    Your so lovely to say that and I feel quite the same about you.
    Happy New Year !

  5. savannah...

    Norah has a wonderful voice ! perfect !

  6. Love that cabbage-looking plant. What is it?

    The New Year is almost here. Hoping yours is great!

  7. A good day for a birthday, Parsnip. I shall check Savannah out. In the meantime, Happy New Year to you.

  8. Kass...
    My son brings me flowers when he goes shopping at Trader Joes" a great market that is in California and Arizona maybe other areas I don't know... but every so often he finds great looking flowers and buys them.
    The flowers in this group were so unusual... and I think that is just an Ornamental Cabbage. They had let it grow tall then picked all the petals off till it became very rose like.
    Fabulous !

    It is a great day for a Birthday, the New Year becomes your day.
    Hope your New Year Day was wonderful.

  9. I agree with Eryl. Both you and Savannah help to make blogland a warm and friendly place.xoxox