Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mila's Daydreams

"While my baby is taking her nap, I try to imagine her dream and capture it"
Adele Enersen

I am completely in awe over this Mum's creativity.
Her props are what is around her home and in one picture sleeping Mila
is picking the flowers the Mum was given when leaving the hospital.

The music is by the Father, Lasse Enersen

Maybe because I have children and remember just standing over them when they slept
and marveled at the wonder that a baby truly is and now have a lovely
Granddaughter Mia, this blog made me tear up.

gobsmacked. . .parsnip
music, Kelly Watch The Stars, Air

One sad note to this wonderful blog.
Adele has closed it down for now as several companies have stolen her babies photos
with out permission and used them in advertisements.


  1. That's rotten of those companies....

    what a cutie!

  2. Fantastic, I really like the one with the umbrella, and her floating in space, and in the countryside with her teddies... OK I'll stop before I name them all!

    Everything okay with you, I just heard the news?

  3. Hi Parsnip,
    Thanks for posting this lovely video, and I know what you mean about watching babies sleep. That mom mom is super creative (dad too). It's hard to imagine how a business could steal this work. Take care.

  4. William...
    ...and what a clever Mum !

    Me too, I like so many of them but the Buddha one, maybe it is the colors, I love that one so much.
    Thank You I am well but I have to consult another doctor. I may post something on my blog about this.

  5. Joanna...
    I am so amazed by her idea... it is so sweet.

    She has another post where she wrote about what companies and other people have done like erasing watermarks so to be able to steal her pictures.
    I don't want to believe stuff like this happens but I know it does.

  6. Parsnip...a very clever mum, indeed!

  7. What a nurturing environment for that lucky baby.
    I'm sorry about the trouble in Tucson and hope it is well away from you.

  8. Norma...
    Made with just what she has around the home, I am amazed. Very clever.

    The trouble in Tucson is very sad and it is all over the world unfortunately.

  9. Very cute and clever.

    Hope you're alright. Hope you tell us about it on your blog.

  10. I'm blown away at the creativity and execution of this, also got a little teary thinking about my almost 25 year old as a baby. I like the thought that this mother recognizes her child has dreams all her own. I think so often parents forget this because we are full of our own dreams for our children.
    I have no words for how disgusted I am with the thought people stole these images, no words.
    Thank you for sharing this, I loved it.