Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday in Tucson... cleaning up the studio

Wednesday in Tucson.
Project is to clean up my studio from all the stuff that is laying around.
Things from Christmas, birthdays, cards, books and old unfinished projects.
I really don't like working with a cluttered desk.
I like to start out with a clean workspace and then it can get messy when I am working on that project. Not layers of stuff.

From the top...
wooden squares to paint, watercolors to frame, button bowl, messy work area. I save old magazines and recycle them by using them when I  glue, old cardboard from food boxes to use as backing for postcards and books. Netflix movie to watch when I work, cards that need to be put away, two more small gifts to wrap, paint and more paint.... ARGH I really can't work like this what a mess !

I started cleaning by putting the photos way  ummmmmmmmm.
What I really did was started playing with the scraps and made more postcards.
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !

very addictive

way to much fun

just picked up the scraps

and glued them down, quite relaxing

this one is my favorite
Not that is is any better than the others but I think it is because I know the photos
and they bring back lovely memories.

working. . . parsnip
music. . . Everybody Wants To Rule The World,  Tears For Fears
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  1. Like what you do with your pics. Wonder what would happen if you did peeps' faces only?

    Hugs and chocolate,
    Sir Poops and Hair Ball

  2. They're so lovely. Tears for Fears takes me back a bit! Student days....

  3. You gave me some great ideas with this post. Did you know how inspirational you are?

  4. If you have lost your glasses I know where they are:)

  5. That's a fun way of making use of old images!

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