Friday, January 4, 2013

Square Dog Friday... Christmas toys

Well It is Friday again,
Best day of the week according to The Square Ones.
We all know the drill so lets woof it !

What is this I see ?
Two squirrels, a beaver and a platypus I think ?
They are so cute !

"La Tarjey" strikes again.
Tennis ball with a squeaky and the tail has a squeaky too.
The Square Dog toy review will be coming soon.

This is a New England Boiled Dinner.
Yummy (squeaky) lobster, corn, potato, roll and broccoli.
In the back you can see last years tasty squirrel dinner
that never got played (destroyed) with.
This year dinner will be served through out the year when some older toys are retired.

whoohoooooo whot is this iam seein' ?
Why yes, Hamish, it is new and very tasty (squeaky) looking fun toy for us !

Yes ! I got it first for once and not Hamish !

nots for long thehamish gots it tooooooooooo
i real gud dug thehamish
need squeeeeeaky !
yert !

The Square Dog Review will be posting soon.
But I will tell you now.... it is a huge hit !

And just because I can...
Here is your pretty to start the weekend.
Snow storm over the Catalina foothills on the last day of 2012

I get to see this view everyday.  I am so lucky..
The snow is all gone on these lower hills but Mt. Lemon in the Catalina Mountains
is full of snow.  The ski lifts are running !

playing. . . parsnip
music. . . Tell Me A Story,  Phillip Phillips
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  1. the best day is right! i love the square dog friday! of course i love you too honey...

    hugs, bee

  2. had to come and see what the square ones, dinner items, they do look yummy! the dog needs his toys somewhat more robust, the lobster wouldn't survive very long...looking forward to seeing your video.

    i do like the mountains, but feel most comfortable enjoying them from afar. i used to ski with determination "i can do this", but then realized that my fear of heights isn't going anywhere so why torture myself. water is more my element, and it's very seldom one breaks any bones in water...

    happy days to you and the square ones!

    1. I live in the foothill of the mountains so I am a valley girl, almost, and still get to see the mountains.

  3. Such cute little toys... and so tempting for the boys to CRUSHKILLDESTROYSHRED!

    I love that mountain shot!

    1. I put the close-up of the mountain just for you.
      Our favorite saying is... lets kill it and eat it !
      so maybe I am part of the problem.... naaaaaa don't think so.

  4. Replies
    1. The groomers didn't trim the ears last time so the ears looks very funny but I like them.

  5. Haha, Lobster.

    Love the snow on the mountains.

  6. I wonder if, for one moment, those square ones appreciate that fantastic view Parsnip.

    1. They are really farm dogs right ? Hunting rats, snakes, rabbits so I know they see better close up and not long distance.

  7. Do they know when it is Friday?

  8. Replies
    1. That is why I bought this home, lots of huge windows to see that view. Great bones but I had to do lots of repair work.

  9. Okay, how long will those toys last?

    I just LOVE Square Dog Friday!

    And that last photo is stunning!

    1. The first toy has lasted quite long but the squeaky was driving Hamish bonkers trying to kill it so I limited play time. Best made toy ever.
      The New England Dinner toys will last about 3 nano seconds.

  10. Those square ones are so lucky to have all these toys! I love the lobster.

    Thanks for the pretty!

  11. What a hoot! It is always fun to see the antics of the Square Ones®!

    Fabulous view of the mountain!

  12. Dear Parsnip!
    How did we miss this one?!!
    Cool toys all about to be chewed!
    Buster says hi to the Square Ones

  13. Are we taking bets on how long the new toy lasted before it was toy parts? Three minutes!

  14. Wow! On the picture.And your two pups are so cut. They really love their toys.

    Hugs and chocolate,