Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas from Japan

Christmas gifts from Japan

Love my bus sign from Oyanagi.
This bus stop is no longer in use.

Here is a map showing where it use to be.  The Nara Valley is a lovely area.
From Japan all the way to it's new home in Tucson.

Son and Granddaughter went to a bus fair.
Many of the city buses from all over the region where there with their cities mascots.
They bought me a tote bag with matching mat.
Many out of date, replaced or no longer used items were for sale and son was able to buy me this great sign. I think I will put it on the outside door in my studio.

The cans in back are ready to eat cakes and bread from my lovely DIL's wonderful Mum.
These cakes in a can became very popular after the earthquake.
A wonderful tube of Wasabi.  The small green box is a very special made herb soap.
Ceramic Edamame chopstick rests and a silk thread special New Year dinner bento.

So tiny and perfect

Lovely, I can't wait to use them.

A special bottle of Ponzu sauce.
It is filled with all the spices and you have to add the citrus, vinager and soy

Here is your pretty for the day.

Snowstorm over  Thimble Peak on the last day of 2012

taken from my studio window.

winter. . . parsnip
music. . . From The Morning,  Nick Drake
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  1. So how'd you end up with that sign exactly? Did your son see it being replaced with something else, and ask to keep it as a souviner?

    1. He bought it at the fair from the bus companies with several other items for Granddaughter.

  2. What cute and thoughtful gifts from Japan. I love the bus tote, the little silk thread bento and awesome snowy mountain view from your window! Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year back at you. I loved your end of year photo post.

  3. Would love a bus sign! Outside the house would be good as people rarely find our house.

    1. Well, that certainly would get any ones attention driving in your very English Village.

  4. Lovely snowy photos. We have those too. The tote bag and mat are so cute. Happy New Year to you and the square ones!

    1. The Square Ones send woofs right back at you. Hope your Tiny Fur Ones is enjoying the fun.

  5. Having your lovely momentoes of Japan must make your son and his family feel much closer to you.

    You have such a dramatic view from your studio!

    Happy New Year.

    1. I sometime spent to much time looking out the window !

  6. Love your pics. They're always so beautiful.

    Happy New Year!

    Hugs and chocolate,

  7. What lovely treats and majestic mountains.
    I seem to have done nothing for days:)

  8. It really is a very different culture than what we're so used to.

    I love those mountains...

  9. What a fabulous view from your studio. I think that bus sign is so stunning - you lucky thing!

  10. I assumed the bus stop is no longer in use, since you've got the sign. Nice assortment of gifts - hope you and the guys had a Merry Christmas!

  11. Marvelous views of the mountain from your studio.

    The Japanese have a talent for packaging gifts that equals and probably exceeds that of the French, from whom they probably got the idea.
    There is a Japanese supermarket in San José «Louis» likes to visit if for no other reason than to admire the packaging of the gift packs of those French-inspired cookies imported from Japan.