Friday, January 18, 2013

Square Dog Friday... Watson posts !

It is Friday ! woohoo ! best day of the week according to The Square Ones.
We all know the drill so lets woof it.
Watson speaks today.

Oh My Goodness, thehamish is very sick.
We thought he was getting better but alas he is not.
Added to the usual pills, drops and shots he gets everyday more have been added.
Thehamish likes to participate in these Friday post but he needs to rest
and be a gud quiet dug.
So today I will be posting.

We are important gud dugs !
Mum, nice tall person who feeds us, made some Christmas gifts with
our photos on it.  She only made a few to send to family and friends.
We sent one as a surprise to our gud friend who lives far away by the ocean
and likes to go on cruises.
She never got it, we think it was lost in the mail.
We are sad !

The first month has me on it !
It is Mums birthday month and she picked me her gud dug Watson !
With thehamish around it is always nice to be first once and awhile.

Remember our Christmas gifts ?
We reviewed these toys on the 11 of January.

we are having fun with the toy

maybe too much fun.

Mum got this really fabulous emery board for Christmas

Mum doesn't want to use it because it has gud Square Dugs on it !

Have a really gud weekend
woof, Watson

Here is your cute for the weekend

Granddaughter walking with her dad to the post office with my birthday gift.
It takes anywhere from 7 days to two weeks to get to Tucson from Osaka.

I think the photo is really the gift !

happy. . . parsnip
music. . . Game Of Love,  Santana/Michelle Branch

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  1. Hello Gayle:
    Yes, the photograph is the real gift, we can see that very clearly indeed. What an adorable granddaughter!

    What a fun idea to create a personalised calendar featuring the dogs. We are sure that all the recipients must have been thrilled!

  2. the hamish is sick? oh my... please email me while i am gone because i will worry so much! and maybe my "surprise" will still get here, i am hopeful. i did get my card so i know the address is right. it looks so cute!

    smiles, bee


  3. Gayle, I thought of you when I saw this today -
    Also I have something that I would like to send you, I was going to make it into something frightfully clever for you but then didn't but didn't get around to it and I'm not sure when we'll get time to meet anytime soon. ( heading back east on Monday to see the folks)
    I think I still have your address somewhere.
    I love the update on the dog toys!
    xo Kim

    1. I guess I can't seem to locate your address, can you email it to me?

  4. Best wishes to the Hamish today...

    Your granddaughter's a cute one, of course!

  5. Your granddaughter's adorable, Gayle!

    Best wishes to the Hamish for a speedy recovery. Watson did a great job of handling the post solo today!

  6. Good wishes to the nice canine.

  7. Such a wonderful granddaughter! (Do not let the dogs know how pretty I think she is!)
    The Square ones toys hold up better than Busters!


  8. Poor Hamish - get well soon.
    Is your sweeT little grand-daughter starting a new fashion with odd shoes. As a fashionista I need to know:)

  9. «Louis» hopes the Hamish recovers quickly!
    The only thing more fun to see than the Square Ones is Koguma-chan!

  10. Oops! «Louis» forgot that The Square Ones should have a ® by it...

  11. Great post. Her shoes are so cute. They don't really match? Sooo sweet.