Friday, January 25, 2013

Square Dog Friday...a very bad two weeks

Well. it is Friday already, where did the week go ?
But for some Square Dog it is the best day of the week.
We all know the drill....
so lets woof it !

Watson received a new necklace.

Nice tall person who feeds us, finally found a new necklace for me.
Let me tell you it is very hard it is to find a nice red plaid necklace or so she is always telling me.
Mum has looked off and on for several years and finally found one that we like.
Mum even found a nice lead for when we go out in the same plaid.

As you can tell Watson is thrilled ! overjoyed ! ecstatic even.
But really I think he likes it, he just doesn't like having his picture taken.
He has been having some problems with his kidneys and his dementia.
There are times when he wakes up from sleeping that you can tell he doesn't know
where he is. Plus the fact he is going deaf doesn't help.
The best place to find him is on this chaise laying in the sun.
He is a good old Duggie and I lurve him.

Then there is thehamish.... le sigh

yesh !
it is about time you talking about me !
but whots is this lesigh stuff im' always hearing

igots ears problems lots of very badbadbadbad bad thingies living and growing in my ears
havin' to see my doctor lots with lots of shots, pills and drops
everyone worry it is so bad i havin' to sleep lots 'caus it is hurting my head and brain.
mum lafin' at my brain part but i gots gud brain just not usin' it lots savin it but its' gud brain
i'm likein mybrain lots

both ears sick realsick and hurting having to be quiet not wantin' to move head and brain

this is whot i'm sayin to badbadbad ears thingies


i'm going to bite those infections growth thingie
not gud messing with thehamish and his brain
yert !

nurse. . . parsnip
music. . . Little Lion Man,  Mumford & Sons
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  1. Mumford and Sons - one of my favourite bands. Camera shy??????? Bing is a Hollywood hunk! lol! Keeping warm here.

    1. Bing is very Hollywood indeed ! and growing way to fast.
      Watson just doesn't like having his picture taken.... but in person he is the most handsome gud duggie.

  2. Hello Gayle:
    Oh dear, Hamish and Watson are really in the wars these days. We do so hope that their health problems will resolve before too long. Hamish does look very smart in his new tartan collar....just the thing for Burns Night!!!

    1. Yes, it has been a very hard two weeks on us all.
      Watson has the new collar and as you said just in time for Burns Night. Thanks for the reminder I must try to find some haggis ! I have the Scotch already !
      Hamish has the red collar with the big silver hearts. He is a real pain most days but he is also my sweety !

  3. I hope the lads get better.... no haggis though for them, I trust?

    1. We have the Scotch, do you think I could cook up some low-fat ground turkey into a patty and call it a haggis ?
      Because that is as close as we are getting tonight !

  4. Hope the boys feel better soon!

    1. From your lips to Gods ear ! is that the right saying ?
      Hamish seems to be getting better we can only hope.

  5. Poor little sqaure ones. It is heart breaking to think of them hurting. I'm so glad they have a loving Mum. How nice that Watson has a smart collar for Burns night.

    1. I think we have finally started to get better with the era infection. I don't want to go into bloody details but it was so bad so fast. We all were shocked.

  6. I will keep the Square Ones and their mum in my prayers. Hope they're feeling better very soon.

    Love Square Dog Fridays!

    1. I think thehamish is getting better. I am exhausted

  7. How sad to think of the Square Ones suffering.

    I hope you're enjoying your Burns Night tipple.

  8. After these last two weeks I need a Scotch ! and even some haggis. But I don't drink and the best I can do for the haggis is some mundo soup which is a Mexican soup made with tripe, good for hangovers. I don't like it though, I like Posole soup better.

  9. Poor dear darling Scotties - and burns Night too Parsnip.
    If you are like me you would rather suffer yourself than see your
    dogs suffer. Get well soon dear square ones.

  10. Keeping the Square Ones in our thoughts...

  11. Again, hope things improve for the Scotties.

  12. «Louis» can't do the scotch or the haggis or the menudo. He'll join you with a bowl of posole, however...

    «Louis» wishes the Two Square Black Ones ® will mend SOON!

  13. Maybe some treats for the nice canines!

  14. poor little babies, nice smooches for them!

    hugs, bee