Wednesday, January 16, 2013

clouds, storms, broken pipes and a gud dug !

Living in the desert is always interesting.

We have this awful freezing cold front blowing down from Canada, for the last few days.
Hey Canada please close your doors and windows.... your letting all the cold out !

 This is the third year in a row that a super cold wave dipped down to 17 where I live.
We have hard freeze warning for the last two nights.
It dips below freezing in Tucson in the winter but only for a few days and never this low.

Now for the fun part
In Tucson all outside pipes have to be wrapped to keep them from bursting... done !
Surprise, one of the pool pipes (it was wrapped) broke last night... bad !
 Oh my goodness cold water spraying all over... bad !
Opps ! have slippers on... bad !
I am freezing trying to find the right valve to turn it off...  bad !
I found the right valve...  good !
I am very cold... bad !
 Repair men coming today... good !
yert !

Cold day so gud dug Watson needs warm blanket and pillow to cuddle up in the sun.

Spaceship clouds appear over my home.

How exciting...  hello space aliens
do you come in peace bearing gifts of Scotties ?

Later the spaceship disappears into a bevy of storm clouds.

They land on the Catalina Mountains

where they kindly deposit some snow but no gud Scottie dugs.


Some storm cloud.
Love the fluffy clouds with the wind blown edges.

Taken with  my new Samsung phone camera.
Now I must learn how to use it !
If you tap these two photos they will get bigger
so you can really see how lovely they were.

freezing. . . parsnip
music. . . Heavy Cloud No Rain,  Sting
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  1. So sorry about the pipe! I went to Arizona on my honeymoon. It was freezing!

    Love the spaceship clouds!

    1. It does get very cold here off and on for out two months of winter storms. We need that rain so I don't complain. When were you here ? it has bee very cold for three days but by the weekend it will be back into the law 70's.

  2. Well done for sorting your problem. Beautiful views both inside and out.

  3. Loved the spaceship clouds lol! Yes its freezing here too - the chickens wont come out so just fed them and will go and lock them up safe for the night. xxx

  4. Il fait très froid ici aussi!
    «Louis» is glad you and the two Square Black ones didn't get frostbite!

    1. The potty runs outside are very quick ! and as they don't like water they watched from a distance.

  5. sarge and i lived in sierra vista back in the 60's and i remember well them riding around with a speaker telling everyone to let the outside faucets drip a bit so they wouldn't freeze. and a lovely sunny spot for a very gud dog!

    smiles, bee

    1. Yes I still let some of the faucets drip even though my pipes are wrapped.

  6. I came back to look at the photo of Watson again. I like it so much.

  7. Oh, sorry about the burst pipe! Watson looks happy in the sun with his blankie and pillow. I like your cloud pictures, especially the alien spaceship.

    1. Since he is going deaf, when he naps or sleeps he really sleeps. I walked by him a few times as he was laying in the sun and he never moved.

  8. Beautiful clouds and glorious blue sky Parsnip - we are missing it at the moment. Minus 6 here.

  9. Fabulous clouds! So sorry about your pipes though. We're expecting BIG snow overnight. I just hope we can get to school in the Land Rover tomorrow.

  10. You just get the best clouds!

    Love the photo of Watson on the couch, and the view behind him.

  11. What astounding clouds!
    Do hope your square pals keep you warm!


  12. Beautiful skies!

    And the cold is a good thing!

  13. It is good to know that you are taking time to take care of your pipes. Prepping them during the cold season can prevent them from bursting. Sorry about the broken pipe though. I hope that it’s all fixed by now. Just call your trusted repairman and all will go back to normal! [Elia Lester]

  14. The word desert makes you think that you only have to deal with heat. Darn those pesky winter winds coming from out of nowhere! I'm sorry you had to deal with a burst pipe during the middle of winter. The cold probably didn't help in finding the right valve to switch off faster, but I'm glad that you did so eventually and that a plumber was able to come in the same day to get it fixed. Thanks for sharing. Love the cloud watching pictures, by the way! :)


  15. Wrapping pipes can be a preventive measure, but it can't fully guarantee that it'll keep pipes from bursting. Normally, pipe failure is caused by built-up pressure inside the pipes. These are formed by an ice blockage in a pipe and a closed faucet. The blockage increases the temperature and water pressure, causing the pipe to fail.