Friday, January 11, 2013

Square Dog Friday... toy review # 5

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Yert !

                          Toy review  # 5

                         Watson's review

Great toy in fact one of the best toy ever !
This toy is very similiar to the Halloween toys of 2 years ago.
A round tennis ball with a squeaky inside, plus another squeak in the tail
Great fun to play with and it last more then 3 nano seconds.

chew. . . great chew factor, mouth feel is is very good.
material. . . covered with a felt type covering, that doesn't rip and great for tug.
squeak. . .  loud good strong sound, music to a Square Dogs ears.
design. . . two places to grab and each has a squeak.
I give this toy a 10 out of 10
FABULOUS ! best toy ever.

                           Hamish's review

yert !

                             squeaky. . . parsnip
                    music. . . Is It Any Wonder, Keane

Note from the tall person who feeds them.
No chicken strips where given as payment for this review
This toy was purchased at Target
This is really a great toy for The Square Ones.
It has two good squeaks and the material does not rip in 3 namo seconds.
I can throw the toy plus there is a great tug part.
The Boys love this toy so much that I had to take it away and only give it to them at a play time. Hamish goes so crazy he is bouncing around on all four legs at the same time while the tail of this toy is hanging out of his mouth.


  1. Sounds like a good slimming toy if those two have overeaten over Christmas.

  2. Scotties adore toys do they not...?
    Our georgewould sell his soul for a squeaky toy

  3. Fortunately, Fiona has a very, very short attention span and the toys seem to last a little longer. She's like ooooh squeaky. Pounce. Toss, chew. Pounce, toss. Chew on other part. Yum.

  4. hmmm, i'd get one for the flat cats if i thought they'd play with it! lol

    smiles, bee


  5. Must consider a day for the doggies xxx Bing loves his toys.....all of them. So unlike young nephews who home in on the most expensive and dismiss all others!

  6. I heard there was a movie here today!

    Whaaaaat? No chicken strips? They weren't paid for their toy review? Hamish, Watson--you need a good agent! Give me a call....

  7. I love the way they attack it in their own individual ways. Watson strong and stalwart and Hamish- all 'fur coat and no knickers:)'

  8. That's hilarious. I like how one's pulling more furiously than the other, but not really getting anywhere.

  9. Sounds just the thing for Buster.
    I'm most impressed that we are Jan 4th TWINS!!!

  10. Someone told me to buy squeaky toys for terriers because they sound like rats.....Snippet attacks them and destroys them in about ten minutes so I've given up buying them!

  11. Adorable! fun to see your boys in action!

  12. They need their own review TV program!