Monday, January 21, 2013

parley view parsnip.... a small book of haiku

A small book of haiku for two lovely friends celebrating their 54th Wedding Anniversary

A small four fold book

some of my favorite photos of the Tucson sky

with two of my summer haiku.

Postcard made from the scraps of my photos.
I save everything, because I know that someday that I will use or need it.

Tonight is "Porco Rosso" the sixth movie of the Hayao Miyazaki
Studio Ghibli Retrospective.
Part of the month long movie retrospective daughter and partner gave me for my birthday.
Two movies a week. It will be over at the end of the month and I will be very sad.
It has been wonderful to see these movies again on the big screen
with original soundtrack and subtitles.

update on Hamish.
He is doing somewhat better but still in pain.
Poor little boo boo baby.

excited. . . parsnip
music. . . ost,  Porco Rosso
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  1. I am another who never throws anything away! We are currently starting the next phase of our DIY plans - and I KNOW I will have to sort out the endless boxes of treasures! Love the fold book idea. Will have to have a try - any tips?

  2. Your friends will treasure their anniversary book. Such a good idea to use old, spare photos in collage.

    Get well soon little Hamish.x

  3. How beautiful! You're so creative, Gayle!

  4. I love the way you save and utilise everything.
    A hug for dear Hamish.

  5. I love the scrap postcard. Give Hamish a hug from me too!

  6. So beautiful and creative, I love your sky images and haiku! Glad Hamish is on the mend, enjoy Porco Rosso. :)

  7. Good wishes to the the plucky canine.

  8. Hugs and kisses to that Hamish. And what a lovely idea that Haiku book is.
    Clever you Parsnip.

  9. A lovely Haiku book!

    Best wishes to the Hamish!

  10. What a beautiful Haiku book!

    «Louis» sends you good thoughts for the recovery of the Hamish!

  11. Love the book! What happened to Hamish? OMG.