Friday, May 20, 2011

Studio Ghibli Zen...

My family knows how much of a fan I am of Studio Ghibli, Hayao Miyazak and Totoro ! I also have mentioned it a few times on this blog.
My son Adam sent me this You Tube and I thought I would send it on for some weekend fun.

If I played a video game this would be it ! Minecraft is interesting game but add Studio Ghibli and it becomes much more. Plus any game that has a flying Totoro that you can build from blocks is just fabulous !
The music alone from this clip makes me tear up as I remember the movies they were in. If you have ever seen a Hayoa Miyazak movie the music by Joe Hisaishi pulls you in and envelopes you in the magic.

Have a wonderful weekend !

dustbunny. . . parsnip
music. . . One Summer's Day, Joe Hisaishi


  1. Hello:
    Well, we have never played a computer game and we have been mesmerised by your video. It is rather like being carried along a fantastical journey and the music, as you say, is extremely powerful.

    This is all entirely new to have opened up another world!

  2. Jane and Lance...
    I don't play any video games either... but rent a Studio Ghibli movie...
    Spirited Away
    Castle In The Sky
    Princess Mononke
    My neighbor Totoro
    Porco Rosso
    Kiki's Delivery Service
    The Cat Returns
    and be enchanted !

  3. I have never heard of this before but I absolutely love the music!

  4. Good Lord! Quite mesmerising. Is everything designed to look like Lego?

  5. Oh I just loved My Neighor Totoro. We watched it so many times when Jamie was little. I'll have to look up some of the others. That video transported me to an incredible world. What creativity!

  6. The whole concept is enhanced by the music.

  7. i was totally drawn in, sugar! xoxoxo

  8. That was great, I could have watched it for a good couple of hours. I loved Spirited Away, and it's the only one on your list I recognise so now I have a whole new world of film to explore. Hurrah for the summer holidays: no more teaching until September!