Friday, May 6, 2011

cookies !

cookies !, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Love these cookies !

Daughter and friend came to spend a few days in Tucson to celebrate
mollybot's birthday and spend some time in the sun and pool. Since
growing up and leaving for University and jobs, I have rarely been
able to celebrate Birthdays with any of my children. So to have the
mollybot here was a huge treat for me.

Friend, "garbo laugh's" came along and fun ensued. These cookies were
sent as a thank you.

The cookies are celebrating Tango No Sekku or Boys Day on May 5.
Wrapped in lovely blue paper the fabulous cookie tin is filled with
L'espoir butter cookies (favorite) and are a speciality of Kobe.
Koinobori the carp themed decorations and wind sock are seen
everywhere on this day.

Thank You "garbo laugh's " you being here and helping celebrating
mollybot's day was lovely and I appreciate the thought and great
cookies !

happy. . . parsnip
music. . . Nice Day, Persephone's Bees


  1. I love that tin! it's too cute :)

  2. Hello:
    Not only do these biscuits look absolutely delicious, but we are certain that they must taste very good indeed. And the wrapping, which appears to be slightly metallic blue, is such fun as well.

    We are so pleased that you had a really good time together.

  3. *steals cookies through cyberspace*

  4. William, you'd better share those cookies!

  5. My favorite is the shiny metal box with the carp design! I love those paper carp decorations. I used to have one but didn't know that they related to boy children.

  6. Oh by the way, I wonder if you could give me the name of a novel you recommended that had the word rabbit in the title. I ordered it from the library but didn't pick it up in time and I'd like to put a hold on it again, hoping this time I'll have time to read it.

  7. If they taste as good as they look - yum yum!

  8. Molly...
    You know how much I love these cookies... and the tin and paper is wonderful.

    Jane and Lance...
    They are so lovely perfect with coffee or tea.

    You just can't eat just one, they are that good.

    He better share !

    the carp is for Boys Day the Girls Day have lovely doll set that are set up once a year. Mia's Japanese Obachan (grandmother) gave her a small set for her first Girls Day. So sweet of her to do that.
    I've e-mailed you the book name.

    They would have gone perfect with the Tea you just had !

  9. Oh wow, I've never seen such a gorgeous cookie and the tin is just adorable. :D

  10. You always have the best stuff.

  11. Diane...
    The cookies are so simple and so good. Love the tin.

    That is what happens when your children know your love of Japanese food.