Friday, May 13, 2011

allium oschaninii...

allium oschaninii..., originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Found at Lee Lee Market the most lovely small shallots !

cooking. . . parsnip
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  1. parsnip, I really like the small shallots a lot. I make the potato salad - boil some small fresh potatoes, cool them, cut the in halves, cut shallots into wedges, soak in balsamic vinegar and virgin olive oil, and mix it all together. Some black pepper and you are all set for nice, fresh potato salad for a hot day .... hope all is well with you, nice photo too. Anna :)

  2. I just discovered Lee Lee right before we left AZ. fresh okra!
    Just made some surprise durian puddding for my husband's birthday too.
    I found a treasure trove of joss paper there for my artwork too!
    xoxo Kim

  3. You always manage to make them look a work of art.

  4. Beautiful! and Anna's recipe sounds so good, I'll have to keep my eye out for small shallots!

  5. Anna...
    I am going to try your potato salad sounds so good !

    Numinosity Beads...
    I really don't like Lee Lee Market that much. I am so uses to the great Asian Markets I had in California, I seem to get frustrated every time I go in there.
    I can't believe you got a good Durian, we have had bad luck finding a good one.
    I must admit that the vegetables are quite fabulous.

  6. Pat...
    Thank You and you know how much I love your photos !

    Adam found them, a bag for $1.25 what a deal and they are so beautiful.

  7. Shallots are such a nice alternative to onions. What a nicely composed photo of them!