Monday, May 23, 2011

parley view parsnip...

parley view parsnip..., originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Can you see Fred, my Gila monster ?


  1. Try as I might, Parsnip - the answer is no, I cannot see him anywhere.

  2. I see him. He is beautiful! In Australia I saw goannas, which is a kind of dragonish monster.

  3. Weaver...
    Fred is in the middle on the bottom of the wall.
    check out the next photo you can see him better.

    Reader Will...
    He is indeed Beautiful. I must go google goannas now.

  4. Saw him the second time I looked. How's he get along with your dogs?

  5. I had to stare for a while, but he came into view, he's pretty well disguised on that wall I'd say.

  6. Yes! At first I though the whole thing was a great big croc.

  7. Kirk...
    I put this photo in just to show that even though you think you know what you see in Arizona there is always something more.
    I have a small fenced in yard with a small pool and a grassy area for The Boys. I also have a Rattle snake mesh over the open parts of the fence to help keep/slow down all the poison thing out. I still have to check every time The Boys go out. The rest of my property is kept very wild.
    Fred is very poisonous and we like not having them meet.

    What you think is a shadow can be a bad thing.

    I wouldn't do that to you ! and I love you new photo, Fabulous ! On your site it had both in the comment section.