Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday in Japan...

Wednesday in Japan..., originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

A change of plans from the post I had planed to write about Japan

Today it is about the glory that is Japanese potato salad.
In this photo the salad is on right side of this dish.
check out the post below .


  1. I don't know Japanese food at all a.p. but I must say that it all looks beautifully presented and delicious.

  2. Hello:
    We know very little of Japanese culture but what we gather is that they are fastidious about the preparation and presentation of food.

    A friend, on her return from Japan, brought us a tin of tiny chocolates. Handmade and absolutely lovely. The food you show above looks to have the same care and elegance.

    We love potato salad! A perfect accompaniment to a variety of dishes in the summer.

  3. Weaver...
    The presentation is always photo worthy.

    Jane and Lance...
    When I visit Japan I always make sure to bring small boxes of chocolate for gifts. Always a huge hit !

  4. What are the other two dishes?