Wednesday, May 25, 2011

now the Tucson connection ....

I grew up in Tucson, Arizona at a time when you didn't have air
conditioned homes or schools. 60+ years ago...
Lunches were packed with foods that didn't have anything that could
spoil. Mayonnaise was a food that we just never used. Even in my home
we never slather sandwiches or salads with mayo. We used different
mustards and chutneys.

To this day the only time I use mayonnaise is when I splurge on a
Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich.

Imagine my surprise when we traveled and I ate the potato, pasta
salads swimming in mayo and salad cream. The mid-west and the south in
the America was really different food experience. Quite a few places
on my first trip the the UK too.
Except for my mothers potato salad, Fabulous, I never ate it anywhere again and
I never made it myself.
Till I went to Japan.

Oh my goodness the perfect potato salad at lest for me.

My daughter the talented mollybot, has researched the Japanese Potato
Salad and came up with her own version for her Bento Boxes.
The above photo is my first try at making it.

sliced one Japanese or Persian cucumbers paper thin, salted put in a
plastic bag squeeze all the air out and put in the refrigerator.
chopped potatoes and carrots boiled till tender, drain don't rinse.
sprinkled with rice wine vinegar, salt add a pinch of sugar.
partially mash the carrots and potatoes, make sure to leave lots of
take the cucumber out of the refrigerator that have wilted and
released a lot of water squeeze all the excess water out and add to
the potatoes.
add a little Japanese mayonnaise and mix together.
taste and adjust vinegar/mayo/salt/sugar.

I like Japanese mayonnaise because it is very light and mild flavor
and you don't need to use a lot so that is very nice.
If you can't find Japanese mayo use any good mayonnaise but remember
since you have mashed some of the potatoes it will be very creamy to
start with.

Thanks mollybot what a fabulous treat for me !

munching. . . parsnip
music. . . Tonari No Totoro, Joe Hisaishi


  1. Hi there, the Japanese Potato Salad looks fabulous with the wilted cucumber. Great idea!

  2. yumyumyum!!!! your potato salad looks like it came out so good! Thanks for making a post about my recipe!

  3. Diane AZ...
    It is so good... and with summer coming up perfect. Not really too heavy.

    I thought it was really good for my first try but not as good as yours !

  4. That'll do me for lunch today:)

  5. I am going to try this as soon as I can get some Japanese Mayo (I'm sure I'll find it for sale on the internet), it looks so good. I've never tried doing that to cucumber and am now desperate to see the results.

    Well done Mollybot for working out the recipe.

  6. Pat...
    I had some for lunch with a slice of chicken and some pickled vegetables. I love cold lunches.

    I am trying the salad and curry recipe from the/your site.... Thank you so much for posting that today. It brought back such lovely memories of my Mum.

  7. YUM!
    Mme la Vache, having lived in Japan for 15 years, attests to the difference between Japanese mayo and the US version and seeks the Japanese version out at local Japanese markets. She makes a potato salad very similar to what you describe here. It is quite good!

  8. I love potato salad, any kind!

    I'm guessing that living in Arizona, you eat a lot of cold meals. Here, in summer I don't cook. (Okay, I don't cook much at all--I'm a terrible cook.) It's cold or it's takeout!