Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day...

Memorial Day..., originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

May 30 is Memorial Day in America.
It is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our national

I wonder how many people today know this.

It seems today Memorial Day is known as the start of summer, driving
to the beach or mountains and a day to barbeque.
I think the barbeque tradition started years ago, after watching the
parade in town, a flag ceremony and putting flags on the the graves of
our veterans, you had all the family over and enjoyed the rest of the
I am not sure when it became a day for sales to buy appliances,
furniture and cars but it did.

I remember reading a blog last year, were the writer stated that there
is no room in his life for war. He posted this on a day to honor fallen
soldiers not war.
The irony was he was able to enjoy the freedom to say that because a
solider fought in a war many years ago so he could have the freedom to
express his thoughts.

Your not able to do that in many places in the world today, especially if your a woman. I personally do not want to wear a burka, no health care, mutated because of some tradition a man thought up or have no chance to be educated.

No matter what you feel about war ( who in their right mind wants
war ? ? ? ) the day is to honor the person who died so we can live
in freedom.
This blogger had the right to say whatever he wants on his blog as I
do to not read it anymore. That is a freedom we have here in America
and in Canada where the blogger lives.

So as I am not able to buy a poppy sold by a veteran, watch a parade
or visit a ceremony held at an Air Base, I wrote a check to the USO.

appreciative . . . parsnip
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  1. Hello:
    Here in the heart of Eastern Europe we are only too aware of the sacrifices that have been willingly made, and not least by the people of the United States, to ensure freedom for others. And at times the price of that freedom has been very high.

  2. Jane and Lance...
    Living were you do I am sure the aftermath of wars have been more evident than in America.
    We are all very blessed to be able to live in freedom even as flawed as it seems sometimes.
    I try not to get too political and preachy on my everyday in my life blog but today seemed a good day to state my feelings.

  3. We honour our fallen heroes on Armistice day in November. They should never be forgotten.

  4. Beautiful words, parsnip. And so true. Thank you.

    I love the photo, too. My son took similar photos a while back and used one of them as a header on one of my book blogs. To me, it looks like a dark cloud with a silver lining!

  5. Excellent commentary, parsnip! Perfectly appropriate.