Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wednesday In Japan....

Last week I wrote about my favorite street food Takoyaki and I was surprised by how many people said they didn't like fish.

So I thought I would post again my favorite episode of the wonderful Japanese cooking show "Cooking With Dog" when they make Takoyaki.
If you watch several episodes of this show, you will see how excited the Dog gets when they cook with fish. I also love the way he says onions !
Just don't tell The Square Ones or I am in such trouble. . . but they love fish too so I guess I might be forgiven.
I have posted this show before but I thought it cute enough to post again.

hungry. . . parsnip
music. . . rise, Origa


  1. yum yum yum yum yum :D

  2. Hello:
    This was such fun to watch, and informative too. The end result looks very delicious indeed and something which, we feel, we should certainly enjoy!

    We loved the slight bow given at the start by the presenter and the part played by the dog. Now we just need to try it for ourselves!

  3. 'It might be difficult to fine some of the ingredients':)
    I'd love to knock some up for lunch - instead of a boring ham sandwich.

  4. Great video and very interesting! I will try most things once but not octopuss,lol.


  5. mollybot...
    I so want to make some this weekend... must go to AJ's to get some tako or maybe Lee Lee's Market.
    Thanks again for all your help.

    Jane and Lance...
    Everyone bows in Japan.
    The dog is very sweet.

    I don't make the sauce, I buy a premade one, but really I like them just plain with the Bonito flakes on top.

    Social Frog...
    You are so funny. I know you will try one and be surprised !

  6. Octopus????

    I make it a rule to never eat anything that could eat me. (William, if you're reading this, shut up!)

  7. Octopus dumplings....?


    @ Norma: did I say anything?

  8. @ William: Are you saying you weren't thinking it?

  9. Norma...
    Not sure if they would eat you... maybe a good squeeze or two ?

    No no no, William they are so good !

    Norma and William...
    now children, play nice....

  10. What a fun video! It was amazing to watch the the cook shape the dumplings as they cooked. The dog is adorable. :)

  11. Diane...
    Francis is a very cute dog... If you watch them being made at a stand the Takoyaki pans are very big, see last weeks post, and they work super fast... because there is usually a long line waiting.
    I am always amazed.

  12. Yes, I love the way he says long green onions too! It amazes me how complex the Japanese cuisine is. Although the video made it look easy these would probably be tricky to make. The dog does look quite excited about it. I'd like to try them sometime. Wonder if I could get them at a Japanese restaurant here in Victoria?

  13. Joanna...
    If you have a a Japanese Market that has a food court in it you will have Takoyaki.

    The dog is so cute...and speaks in a Italian ? accent ?