Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday in Japan...

Wednesday in Japan..., originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Takoyaki stand at Nishinomiya Gardens Mall.

If you have followed this blog long enough you know my love of all
things Takoyaki (octopus balls/dumplings).
If you ever can't find me just look for the nearest Takoyaki stand and
I will be there. The perfect street food eaten out of a handheld paper
dish with a bamboo stick.

Big very hot cast iron pans are filled with pieces of octopus, pickled
ginger, batter is poured all over the pan and then with a bamboo stick
you just start turning the batter and pulling the extra batter
in. As you swirl the batter in the pan a perfect round ball of
goodness appears and then magic... they will be devoured by the hungry
masses.... and me !

tako. . . parsnip
music. . . Hollywood, Michael Buble


  1. So they are balls of octopus - not octopus balls. Phew!

  2. I love your posts today!!! :D Though I think I'm still takoyaki-ed out from the last time i made it with my friends here in LA, there was so much of it! and when we ran out of octopus we just made them cheese and green onion, that was pretty yummy too.

  3. Jane and Lance...
    So glad that tha that worked out.

    For a better word that is what they are called, I some times I say dumplings but they are not really dumplings....

  4. Ohhh, octopus! I am not a seafood person, will try some things though but I don't imagine I will ever try this,lol.

  5. Social frog...
    Yes you will !
    The best place to eat them is under Osaka Tower !
    but that is a long way from where you will be.

    You will see a stand and buy them hot off the grill when you eat one there is a small piece of cooked octopus in the middle and you will not even know what you are eating except it is good.
    Covered in green onions and tuna flakes with a tangy sauce. YUM !

    Try it you will like it !

  6. They sound delicious, Parsnip. I think the Japanese are very good at food that you can eat as you are walking along.

  7. Great series of photographs, but I'm with The Social Frog. Seafood, euugh! Can you get the dumpling without the octopus insert?

  8. Weaver...
    So good and I have burned my mouth every time because they come off the pan sizzling hot and I can never wait to eat them !

    ack ! what is with all the fish haters ? I grew up in the desert and I adore fish... If I was able to live by the ocean again, I would eat fish everyday !
    You can put whatever you want in the dumplings/balls but then you can't call them Takoyaki because no tako !
    Next Wednesday I will put up a cooking clip on how to make these yummy balls of goodness.

  9. mollybot...
    missed you, sorry... so envious you made them. Now Adam and I so want to make some soon.

  10. Mmmm I love takoyaki! Followed and supporting,