Monday, April 4, 2011

parlay view parsnip

parlay view parsnip, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

My monday post about what is going on around my home.

Even though we in Southern Arizona did not have much of a winter, not
enough rain and snow, Spring is really here !
This Prickly Pear Cactus just planted last year is covered with loads
of new pads and some buds. The Prickly pear that is next to this one
planted at the same time is covered with buds and a few new pads.
Each plant has a 70/30 split how strangely wonderful is that.

I love the color of the new growth and the tint of lavender on the
older pads.
We many not have all the spring flowers that burst on the trees and
pop out of the ground as some areas have, but we have our own Spring
and it is lovely.
If you check the middle of the cactus and near the bottom you will see
two pads that were chomped on by the Javelinas. They moseyed by the
first night after I planted them and had a taste. The pads never grew
bigger and they stayed the same small size.

colorful. . . parsnip
music. . . Cardiac Party, Jack Mack And The Heart Attack


  1. Oh wow! Look at the colours in that prickly pear. I just adore those plants. Last year in April we cam through your area and I was entranced with the little buds of those plants.

  2. Joanna...
    When this cactus blooms I will be sure to photograph the blooms. They are so delicate and beautiful.

  3. Just beautiful! Fabulous colours and form.
    And weird, weird, weird!

  4. That's cacti gone bananas:)

  5. Nothing could be further than this from the plants in our front garden parsnip.

  6. Titus...
    The new pad are very alien all rosy, lavender with the new thorns in electric lime green.

    The cactus is very different.

    I know our gardens are so different. I grew up in the Sonoran Desert so it feels like home but I absolutely adore your type of garden.
    When it rains here we go outside to see and stand in it. Rain is a gift in Tucson.

  7. hee hee...
    Parley View!

  8. I really go for that image in a big way!

  9. What a beautiful cactus! The colors are amazing.

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