Monday, April 11, 2011

parlay view parsnip....

parlay view parsnip...., originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Time for the Monday post about what is going on around the ranch

Instead of posting about the trees, plants or wild animals that roam
around my land. . .
todays post is about the extremely wild animal who roams around my home.

Hamish the Scottie/Westie mix who is seven years old and friend to
Watson who is eleven years old.
7/11 Lucky Numbers... right ?

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww what a cute little face.
Do not be fooled, the Darth Vader side is always in conflict with the
Luke Skywalker side. The force is not with him ! It is all around him
and in major conflict !

For the last few years I have been shlepping him to the vet for test,
test, test and more tests.
I know about the stomach problems, not helped by his desire to eat
stones, twigs, various leafs and small bugs, his skin condition that I
have to medicate daily, he is allergic to many antibiotics big problem
and now he has Bladder stones that require yet another operation.
But none of this can top the latest ...

He is Diabetic !

That means I have to change his meals to a strict eating schedule. I
need to know he has eaten a measured meal so that I can give him his
Insulin shot after he eats, twice a day.
This means I have to make sure he is hungry so that he can/will eat
a meal on a medication schedule. I also have to keep checking him
after the injection to make sure he doesn't go into shock till we get
the correct dosage.

I am so glad I decided to pare my life down and lighten up my
schedule so I could have more time for my art and travels. . .
Best laid plans.
wahahahahahahahahaha !

But thats OK, I love him and Watson and all will work out just fine.
He is a good boy, lots of fun to have around and extremely endearing,
crazy conflict and all.

nurse. . . parsnip
music. . . Maybe I'm A Lion, Final Fantasy VIII OST


  1. Oh, he's adorable! (But I can see the Vader in him....)

    I hope he takes his meds so he can be with you for a long time to come.

  2. Remember, Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker were father and son. There should be a resemblence to both. Anyway, I just want to reach into the computer screen and pet that dog's nose.

  3. He's pretty cute, that's for sure. I had a friend with a diabetic cat who lived happily for YEARS. So don't worry about Hamish. Isn't it funny the ways dog's get green-eye where we get red-eye?

  4. You have been kind enough to follow me and I thought I did follow you back- Well I am NOW!
    Hope the dogs come along just fine.

  5. It is amazing how pets can get us to do just about anything. Seriously though, who could say no to those eyes.

  6. Has he really got turquoise eyes? He's a sweetie.
    I've just realised that my auntie Jean - a GI bride ans still living in Rhode Island - had a Scottie when she was a girl called Judy and her daughter born years later in the US is also called Judy.

  7. Norma...
    My Black Scottie, Kirbey was very ill at the end of her life and I cooked Duck and Potatoes for her meals, gave her the meds and loved her to the end.
    Hamish has way too much Vader in him... all will be fine.

    He would love the attention ! he has to be adored and played with 24 hours a day.

    I Not too worried but getting the dosage right is a be deal right now.
    I love the photo of him especially when the cock their head like that.
    That photo was taken with the old camera and I forgot to hit the red-eye button. I think it is funny that his eyes turned green and not red.

    Stonehedge farm...
    Awww I love reading about your farm and the animals. Thanks for stopping by.

    We are putty in their pews and they know it !

    The photo is from the old camera and I forget to hit the red-eye button,,, but I like the photo anyways.

  8. He eats sticks and stones? Must be part goat!