Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sabino Canyon.

The first tram stop on the ride up Sabino Canyon.


  1. 'sa hot one today wasn't it?

    xoxo Kim

  2. Hello:
    We imagine, not knowing, that this is remarkable country for walking. It certainly appears here yo be totally unspoilt.

  3. Great to have this on your doorstep. I miss mountains.

  4. I rode that little train about 15 years ago when we first visited Tucson. It's a lovely way to see the countryside.

  5. Such exciting looking countryside. I think I would get off at that stop.

  6. Hello, again:
    Just a very brief note to say that we have left a reply to your very kind and thoughtful comment on our latest post but for reasons as yet beyond us, your comment has failed to appear - although definitely published!

  7. It looks stark and beautiful.I must see it someday.

  8. numenosity...
    Fridays was fine and we went early but Saturday was very warm ! Summer is here !

    Jane and Lance...
    Tucson is a well known Biking (Tour De Tucson) and Hiking area.

    I am so lucky and it is like I can just reach out and touch them.

    You can only get up the canyon by tram now but I remember we were able use to drive it. I think this is much better slower and nicer.

    The stops just get better and better as you get higher. So lovely.

    Jane and Lance...
    I will try to post again.

    It is very beautiful and the sky seems so close that you could touch it.

    Yes it is. Lots of the westerns were filmed all around Tucson. You would see lots of movie stars walking around town. It was really fun. I miss those years.