Monday, April 25, 2011

parlay view parsnip...

parlay view parsnip..., originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Mondays post will be about Easter Sunday dinner.

I would have grilled some Lamb Chops but my son had the brilliant idea
to make Gyros. He has been talking about making them for a while now
so we found a recipe for the Greek/Lebanese style meat and away he
went !
I must say they were quite fabulous not that hard to make.
Best of all he did most of the cooking and I got to be his sous chef.

Cooking with your child at any age is truly one of the best gifts ever !

happy. . . parsnip
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  1. Hello:
    We have the kitchens and no inclination whatsoever to be in them.....would your son be interested?

    The Gyros [is it singular or plural?]looks absolutely mouthwatering. The perfect food for lazy Sunday eating.

  2. The picture makes it all look very appetising.

  3. parsnip I cook with my child too, I am in my kitchen and he in his pretend kitchen. When I need some tools I visit him, as lot of thing migrated to his kitchen. The Gyros look so appetizing. Hope you had a good Easter. Anna :)

  4. Beautiful dish! I should try making Gyros sometime, my boys would love them. :)

  5. we made a stir fry--daughter, husband, nephew and me. And served it on blue dishes.

  6. Looks delicious. What time can I come over for dinner?

  7. Jane and Lance...
    Gyro is a word that I never know how to write. When I see a Gyro stand they always write Gyros but all I know is that they are delicious.

    The colors do make it quite fabulous to look at.

    My children had a bottom drawer in my kitchen filled with pots, pans, plastic cups... they loved it. I even sometimes hid little surprises in there.
    Thank You, my Easter was quiet and lovely and I know your Easter was wonderful as it always is with children.

    There is only two of us so experiments are always enjoyed.

    Stir-fry is a staple at my home. Did you make the dishes ? next time take a photo and let us see.
    My Japanese son post many food photos on his blog and e-mail to tease me. Especially when it is one of my favorite restaurants... so I have to tease him right back.

    Kirk Jusko...
    We have a place setting wait for you, come on down !
    It was delicious. We are ambitious cooks at my home.

  8. Now I'm hungry! I haven't had a good Gyro in a long time.

  9. My son and grand-son come this week and they always do some of the cooking which is great.
    Out to lunch today I had a lovely seared salmon with a chilli and ginger sauce and fondant potato. Very good!

  10. Oh my,those look good. My Lebanese D-I-L doesn't make them for me but takes me to restaurants that sell them whenever she can.