Saturday, April 2, 2011

For Titus and The Poetry Bus...

the desert is our home
variegated hues color our hair
sound of tiny feet drift


haiku. . . parsnip
music. . . Running In The Sun, Blue Merle

This is my attempt to jump on The Poetry Bus driven by Titus.

I think I might get thrown off but be sure to check out all the
wonderful poems on her blog.


  1. I'm a stranger to the modern poetry world but that certainly paints a picture of the wondrous place you live in.
    Hold very tight! On the bus;)

  2. Just beautiful, parsnip. Yes, I think it will be needed for the book.

  3. I'd forgotten about javellinas. Never saw one. Prettier than warthogs!

  4. parsnip, if I could use this in the artist's book project I'd be really grateful. If it's a yes, e-mail me at TitusmckayATaolDOTcom with the name you'd like it to appear under. Ta!

  5. Never heard of a javelina but they look like the things we saw running around a wildlife park in Majorca.

  6. Hey, Can't believe you got a pic of the whole crew!

  7. OMG .. never saw a javelina! Not the prettiest on the ark ... pretty is as pretty does on the Bus!

  8. Pat...
    I really enjoy writing a haiku... still working on trying to get my feeling across in such tight syllables.

    Thank You, glad you like my haiku.

    Emerging Writer...
    I was born in the year of the Boar and I do love my Javelinas.

    Yes they are adorable and they are my tribe !

    They are only in the Western America and down into parts of Central and South America. Although they look like a wild pig they are not and a family member of the Hippopotamus.

    When ever you are here they are moseying somewhere eles ! Maybe next time ?

    120 socks...
    I love Javelinas but even though they hang around my citrus grove and I love them, they are wild animals.

    I think they are really great too and if you ever read my blog I post about them quite often.

    Doctor FTSE
    Unusual poem and photo for a fabulous unusual animal.

  9. I'd never heard of the javelina! Good to learn something new. Thanks.

  10. Nobody has ever been thrown off the bus, as far as I know and with your contribution, I think you're definitely safe on that score!

    What animals are here? I thought I knew them all... I've seen Attenborough's films and other nature docs. Not capybyra, not warthog, nor wombat. I'm mystified!

    Ah, Javelina! Such a pretty name too.