Monday, June 14, 2010

Wise One

Wise One, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

OK . . . I have had "The Perfect Storm" ( Sebastian Junger) of a
week ( since Thanksgiving ) ... anything and everything that could
have happened...

but ...

then this little "Muglies" appeared in Saturdays mail, a big Thank
You ! Eryl, cutest card ever....
it is indeed good to be a Grandmumzilla !


every morning I find a new picture or video of my new
Grandchild . . . YEA ! ! !

So all and all I have nothing to complain about and all is well in the
world, at lest for today !

happy . . . parsnip
music, In The Blink Of A Eye, Christopher Cross

P.S. Check out, on my sidebar KOGUMA'S VIEW, new Daddy incorporated
a drawing I did in the new Banner.


  1. Hope all is calm again. The card is charming as is your heading.

  2. Pat ...

    Thank you... Fingers crossed.
    New Daddy made the banner so cute ! he is very talented.

  3. I'm so glad it arrived, I had visions of an overzealous customs official tearing open the owl to see if there was anything secreted in it!

  4. Eryl ...

    I came just fine. The envelope was smushed but the card was perfect...
    Love Love Love the card Thanks so much !