Monday, June 7, 2010

Baby Quail

Baby Quail, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

On May 9 I wrote about the Quail Nest in my east side yard.

The eggs hatched and they are now living with their Mum and Dad in the
underbrush on my property.
Quail babies are born about as big as your thumbnail but grow fast !
The first week they look like pebbles that move.

The above picture of seven babies ( you have to look just above the
rabbit ears ) are about two weeks old.
It is so hard to get a photo of the newest babies as they move super
fast and blend into the dirt and rocks.

I hope to keep posting on their growth in the next few months. If I
can get a photo ! ! !

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  1. Lovely baby quail. I'm taken as well by the stone rabbits. They are of stone?

  2. Oh I was going to say the rabbit looks like a sculpture.

  3. What a treat to have those quail babies living in your yard. I look forward to seeing them grow up.

  4. Elizabeth...
    The rabbits are very heavy metal and I love just seeing them out among the Citrus trees.
    Every once in awhile the Javelinas will move them.

    I have several rabbit sculptures in the grove peaking out from the Prickly Pear, Mesquite and Paloverde Trees.
    I somethings do a double take when the real bunnies come out and sit with them. I wanted the bunnies to feel secure that this was a bunny friendly home.

    Now that they have hatched the house painters can start.
    I have three different Quail families/babbies at different ages running around. So hard to shoot with my little point and click ! I will try.
    We had great winter rain so lots of food around. The bad part is we will have a bad fire season. We already have a fire near the New Mexico border that has been burning for a week.

  5. The baby quail are so cute, looking forward to seeing them grow if you can get more shots.

  6. Eryl...
    When I am in Japan my son and I will be looking for a better camera. Maybe !
    I have to tell you I like the size and "OK" pictures I get with my little Kodak Easy Share. I don't miss lugging around all the camera bags filled with stuff. But. . . there are times I wish I could get a clearer, better and faster shot.
    Needing a cane to balance and walk, the less stuff I carry the better I am.