Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What I am reading . . .

What I am reading . . ., originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

My new nickname is Tofu Brain.... as that is how I feel lately so much
going on and so much to do.
But . . . as I say this I am reading two fabulous book, completely at
polar opposites on Japan.

The first book, "Tokyo Vice" I heard about from writer, artist and
blogger "Tokyo Dreaming".
I have just restarted this book after putting in down for a few months
and the sub-title says it all.
The author, who writes about crime in Japan and the world of the
modern day Yakuza, ends up with death threats against him and his
family while following a major story.

On the other side of the spectrum " Izakaya" is a wonderful fantasy
tasty read.
This is an interesting book on the food culture of the Japanese Pub.
So for me this is fabulous story that just so happens to be filled
with glorious food.
Easy on the eyes, beautifully photographed and filled with
surprising easy recipes that you will want to try.

The author talks about eight different Pubs that he is very familiar
with, their history, ambience, what they serve and why.
Filled with lots of easy to understand information, history,
ingredients, varieties of Sake and Beer this is a book about great
Japanese comfort food.
My trip to Japan can not come soon enough !

Just down the street from where I live is "Ginza" an izakaya styled
restaurant and bar.
All I can say is I am so HAPPY that Tucson, Arizona has such a
fabulous place and it is so close to where I live !

hungry. . . parsnip
music. . . Loopy ! Loopy ! Takuya Ohashi


  1. The pub book sounds fab, just my sort of story.

    I have a cutting mat just like that!

  2. That is a great bonus for sure. I am three quarters through a great tome - 'Life Class' by Diana Athill and I don't want it to end I'm so thoroughly engaged.

  3. I liked food in Japan also. When I visited Japan few years ago on the business trip, we been taken out to very nice restaurants, different every day. It was nice for them to introduce different foods. I liked it very much, except the snails, lol. Anna :) PS thanks for sharing, and to bring good memories.

  4. Eryl ...
    This book is Fabulous I drool daily over it ! I will be showing a page with recipe on it soon.

    Don't you just love using that cutting mat, best money I ever spent.

    Pat ...
    I am going to have to check out "Life Class" Thanks.

    Anna ...
    I think I love Japanese Food the most of all. That said I have not had any snails and don't think I ever will.
    How lucky you went on a business trip to Japan. I love Tokyo the energy is wonderful but now I am based in the Osaka area and I love love love the Osaka people.
    I hope your having a wonderful summer.

  5. Hey, thanks so much for the mention! :) Glad you like Tokyo Vice, too. I just reviewed another book on my blog, Confessions of a Yakuza, which I really enjoyed - more about Tokyo in the old days when life was really rough for most people. You might like it.

    Do you go to Japan soon? You must be so excited! ii ne... :)