Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day, Kuma-chan

Who Is this little guy ?

One of the few pictures I saved from the fire and it is a little beat
Notice the Scotty Dog bedspread that was mine when I was a little
girl. Maybe this is why I love Scotties so much?
To bad it was lost in the fire along with my Family's Christening Gown.
I wish I still had them to hand down to you for your little one.

Happy Daddy's Day... Kuma-chan

wishing . . . parsnip
music . . . Lucky To Know You, Blue Merle


  1. Thank goodness you managed to save the photo. They are irreplaceable.
    So can one assume you are a one dog woman?

  2. The timelessness of a new born and the quilt is a measure of the period in time when...

    This is wonderful, Parsnip. I'm sorry to hear you have a fire that destroyed so much that is precious to you . At least you have your memories.

  3. Pat...

    I managed to save a few photos.
    Maybe I am programed to love small square dogs. There has to be a reason.... right ?

    Elizabeth ...

    I saved the children and bunnies, but my x lost our Jabba Cat, could never forgive him that. He did it on purpose.
    I miss certain things like the pictures and movies of the children the small things my Mum gave me and the art that friends had given me over the years, all the other stuff not so much.
    It was the year all of California was on fire and
    what was left of my home was on every news show all over the world, very strange feeling.

    David ...

    Mia does look like you <3
    Your welcome, hugs right back at you.